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Jan, Clipà.Vu

Dear [@vlad7],

I hear you. Can you please drop me a mail to support@clipa.vu as a ‘reminder ticket’? I will increase the limit to 100.000 and will kindly ask you to be our ‘power user performance tester’. If the performance will become bad more sophisticated action will have to follow later on from our side. Would this be OK with you?

Even more importantly for me: When you ask about ‘folders’, do you mean the full TREE FOLDER STRUCTURE or would it be enough to have multiple ‘favorites’ folders sitting side by side that you would be able to freely create / edit / delete. My vision for the next bigger version is the following tabs: History, Favorites 1 (which you could rename to e.g. Office), Favorites 2 (e.g. Wedding – let’s say you prepare a wedding for your daughter), Favorites 3 (Soccer – let’s say you are boss of the local football team), etc. Timestamps and GUIDs would be moved to some less significant position. Would this be enough???

Best regards
Jan, Clipà.Vu