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Ok that helped! Got file from site (Windows 10 x64 Pro). Ran it & instead of trying to use D: drive, let it do C: and the default settings. Got that short code from them to email addy this way: “Follow the directions to install, including Sign Up. Once you verify everything, then you need to activate.” Trick is to do that first since is additional step before using SOS activation code. One have entered that short code, good to go. Run program, hit that kitty upper right corner (Account). There’s your registered name. Drop down by name. And there’s the SOS code place for its activation to 1 year Pro.
Otherwise just a 3 day trial.
Does seem after a year it will revert to the Free basic version with its limitations (like 3 min video only and a few other limits/ads, etc.). Hence a bit of a bait & switch since isn’t the $70 full program FOR LIFE, and confusing to even suggest that 1 year allows for updating (and letting you assume it remains intact as a LIFER). Never a mention of reverting to non-Life.
The details at site do state their $70 might be Lifetime? Also the Free (not Personal) has watermarks & is for non-commercial (whatever that means). Trying to read all the offers & prices is a headache.