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Ok, I got it working… left my original post below to show my frustration, hope the developer sees this.
Once I killed the program with Task Manager and reloaded it, I was able to click the buttons on the right side of the program screen. Didn’t find anything helpful, so I went back to my iPhone and closed/reopened the program again. This time it listed “ApowerMirror (” +my username + “)” under AirPlay mirroring. I clicked that and the PC shows my phone screen. My primary reason for wanting this is so I can play GarageBand and other music apps through my PC, and actually SEE the controls on the screen while I’m using them. I played a song file and heard it on the PC, but there seems to be a delay between the PC and phone and the PC playback stutters often. I have no trouble with YouTube videos or other streaming content over WiFi. Seems that this program is just not as efficient at pushing the information across the network. So, I might use it for non-music, non-time-sensitive programs, and previewing photos on a larger screen. I still don’t understand why it demands a non-existent QR code but it’s not needed. So far it’s been a lot of trouble for a big disappointment. I only hope ApowerSoft can improve it.

Original post (I tried a few more times before hitting “Submit”):
WARNING – this is a complete waste of time. Has anyone gotten this to work? Downloaded, installed, ran program, registered for an account, entered the 6-digit security code, entered the license key, downloaded iPhone app and installed, ran it, and the only option it gives me for connecting over WiFi is to scan a QR code which the PC program doesn’t display. I can see my WiFi network name, but NO WAY TO CONNECT. I clicked the button to leave feedback, wrote a detailed message, but when I click send I find it’s trying to send to “example@apowersoft.com” which my Outlook app says is an “empty” address. So I tried to exit the PC program, no way to do that without Task Manager or a reboot since all the buttons do nothing and and it ignores requests to Close the Program from the task bar. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME. STAY AWAY. Let me know if I’m wrong! Windows 10, iPhone 6 with latest IOS update.