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Thanks for straightening out Key issue. Got key mentioned in download link here. (Doesn’t seem to be any usual email w/ key & d/l link yet). Ran it, popped in key and good to go. Was able to delete an extra boot partition that got created when switching Windows 10 x64 Pro from BIOS to UEFI under Aomei Partition Assistant (GPT method in it), APA does cost $ tho unless find usual method.
The upcoming version 17xx from MS is to have a conversion file to do same but still month (s) away for the public release push out.
PS APA method if done In Place (within Win) took a long onite conversion. Believe if done in safe mode or maybe creating some boot disc would make it under a minute? Maybe that’s just if OS isn’t already in place. But running APA on existing OS did preserve everything. Bit snappier, just be sure to set the new boot features for mobo to run under UEFI (research that first). I had left the mobo on legacy BIOS when did the in-place of Windows 10 x64 Pro over the Windows 8.1 x64 Pro. Forget if Windows did offer to choose BIOS or UEFI but went with BIOS thinking better compatibility until later Win Upgrades released. Well it’s time now. So thanks again for getting this app key ok.