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Nick H

The registration process did not work initially. It took some time to set up an account, the email to activate my account did not arrive, I requested it to be sent again, this took some time to arrive, whie other emails were arriving OK. When I tried to sign into the account the password, saved in my password manager, was not recognised. So I tried to reset the password. The email to confirm this took ages. I gave up waiting for it last night and went to bed. It arrived overnight but had expired by the time I tried to use it this morning. Today I’ve tried to reset the password again, but am being asked for the password that was not recognised initially and which I have been trying to reset!!!

I tried installing the software on a Win 7 64-bit computer. I got a system error message saying that “api-ms-win-core-libraryloader-l1-2-0.dll is missing from my computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem” I uninstalled the software, cleaned out any remaining traces and reinstalled it, I got the same error message. I uninstalled the program and then I downloaded the software again. I got the same error message when I installed it. I do not have any system error messages when I run the many different programs that I have installed on this computer. When I click on the ‘OK’ buton in the error message window, another error message box pops up, repeatedly, I have to kill the process in process explorer to get rid of it.

Could this registration process and installation be made any more complicated, with so many seemingly built-in bugs? Probably, but it would need a lot of thought to do so! I would have liked to have tried this software, I’ve used up several hours of my life which I won’t get back, I’m not going to lose any more because of it.