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I believe that this Vietnamese developer is probably not acting in good faith.

Many people here are having problems with this “giveaway” and it makes you wonder, why.

On visiting my father today I learned that he installed Saola yesterday, but could not activate the program. So he contacted the developer’s support yesterday and he was told that he could not sign in from the program’s interface because his password contained a percentage sign. Following their advice he removed the percent sign, but this still did not work. Frustrated with these issues, he decided to uninstall Saola.

I am trying to help him install this program today. At first, we were able to successfully change the password to one containing only lower case letters, but when we tried to log in again, we were repeatedly getting error message to the effect “whoops something went wrong with your account” or something like that. After being fed up with all these annoyances, we decided to open another account with a different email address and a different password again containing only lower case.
But when we tried to confirm our email address, we got an error message saying that our data don’t match. We were very, very carefull when entering this data. I mean, there is no way they do not match! That leads me to believe that this developer is mainly in the business of harvesting as many email addresses as possible, and/or does not want too many people to get hold of this giveaway.

This is very, very frustrating and discouraging.

I will never ever install anything from this developer.