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Great software I have used for quite a while now its the last program (PC Checkup) I run before closing down win 10 and it always improves next boot up time, the few times i have missed running (PC Checkup) I have noticed a slow boot up time.

First, thanks for this fine software offer, Ashraf.

Second, to the comment by “Mal” above, I keep Wise Care and GlarySoft on my system at all times. Each has benefits, and both are very competent tools. It is not an either-or choice, IMHO.

FWIW, too, the only Wise Care product that I’ve grown to dread is their Folder Hider. TOO many files on my system are now hidden, and not easily restored. Their “recovery” tools are inconsistent and clumsy, and I’ve wasted tons of time and disk space on archived files “hidden” that I cannot really recover AND cannot quite give up on. Don’t use that part of Wise Care, but enjoy all the other tools.