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Had this from a GOTD last December. Hardly used it & when ran it comes up saying 2 days left on trial.
Says to click the Get Free Serial Button to request a free serial. Within that GOTD one I can’t find any such button. In the installed folder is a file WebReg.exe clicking it brings that broken URL mentioned by others.
Don’t know if the GOTD app broke its own installation as to the serial, but I rarely install a GOTD w/o any valid serial.
GOTD demo version adds WATERMARK. No idea if today’s later version does. Probably.
To add to all this is GOTD version of an Optimized file came up 2x the size of original. There does appear to be a way to batch optimizing by checking all the files loaded into program. Think it overwrites a file too — check on that and set its own Folder. And the check mark will remain for the selected file (s) so be sure to uncheck them from list or they’ll run again, tho does seem to run fast if not making many changes to the file (s).
Thanks but not messing any further until they clear up deal around version given today. Couple days of the givey but I’m guessing there’ll still be issues down the line, fwiw.