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Spam Sorenson

Update! Installed and tested. It sucks!

Version 3.0

What did you folks do? The menu bar is like MS Word Can’t change it – can’t select which tools I use often and not display the ones I don’t need. And they are big and UGLY! Can’t change the size or pick the icons. this is horrid as a user interface.

There is no style sheet.

    Where is the style sheet. For crying out loud, how can I EASILY assign styles to a document: header1, header 2, indent, Single space, bullet 1, bullet 2, drop font size and single space. MS Word does a bad job of managing styles and you eliminated them completely. Well not completely you hid them and made them so unusable that MS Word shines in comparison.

    You took a good start in version one and turned it into an unusable tool. Sadly I can’t go back to version 1.

    Sorry guys this is really bad UI.