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Volodymyr [author of AllMyNotes]

Organizer – Is this a Chinese spy?
Why are the hieroglyphs in the program?
Do you use a programmer from China?
Why does the program need to know which processor and other hardware I have?
Why does the program bind to the user’s hardware?
Why the organizer activation on the Internet?
Where will the personal data of people come from?

I do not trust her with personal data!

Your program is plagiarism programs from The GoldenSection Labs – GoldenSection Notes and WinOrganizer?

This software is developed SOLELY by ME (Volodymyr Frytskyy), and marketed my spouse Nadiya, we are very tiny familial company. We are originally from Ukraine (I guess, it may hurt your patriotic feelings too? Sorry, go ask the God why sends storks to deliver babies all around the world). We have totally nothing to do with China, we do not have any Chinese developers. The program is localized to 30 languages, including Chinese, that’s all.

Plagiarism of GoldenSection? This is the first time I hear about this software, but the competition is really tight indeed, there is about 100+ competitors, so we are doing our best to make better product. Particularly, to my knowledge, no one of our competitors has Self-Healing database engine, which can work with badly damaged database files.