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Volodymyr [author of AllMyNotes]

Why does the program need to know which processor and other hardware I have?
Why does the program bind to the user’s hardware?
Why the organizer activation on the Internet?
Where will the personal data of people come from?

Sorry, I didn’t answered all your questions in my initial reply. The software is linked to installed PC (hard disk serial number) to avoid piracy, and it checks system date from our web-site, again, to avoid piracy. We are giving our Deluxe license at no cost, but there is a condition – it must be activated during the promo period, and cannot be replicated to millions of other PCs.

Your personal data is not tracked, all you data is stored locally, on your PC, you are responsible for backing it up. And we do not ask you for any kind of your personal identification data, simply install it, and launch it at least once during the promo period, even no need to provide your e-mail/name! After first launch you can disconnect program with your Firewall, or, simply disable automatic checks for updates if you are concerned about Internet activity.