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The program installed on my Windows 10 Laptop without problem.

I do think this program could be greatly improved, instruction-wise, by the inclusion of a Help file which gives precise information about all of the services on a system, in depth, in clear “layman’s” terms.

The programmers know what every service does – the average computer user, although competent, does not.

To make full use of the program, it would be helpful to have information, for example, as to what services MUST be running for the system to operate correctly. Also, which services are not required at all, except for specific uses.

Many more people would be able to use this program, if such information was available. (If necessary, make it a ‘paid-for’ optional download, if it is not possible to include it in the basic program – many people would happily pay a reasonable fee for help which genuinely improved the running of their machine!)