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Robin Binns (Binny)

It is sad to give this software only one star but I only got to use it once and then it deleted my activation key. Gesee even a free trial would last a month. I did write the key down too but after spending 4 hours or more searching for it to no avail I am quite frustrated. It is really too bad because the software package works very well as advertised and if further investigation proves out my first impressions I would have no qualms about forking over the 20$ US asking price. Supposedly this was a 1 computer personal use free lifetime license. It worked well enough for me to mess up my system (ONCE) and now I will have to buy it to fix it unless the builders will work with me and make an exception but they apparently don’t record who has /had a legitimate license. This has been brought to the attention of the creators and depending on their decision on the validity of my claim I will amend this review. After all what is fair is fair I would love to have this software on my computer and would recommend it to all my friends if the techies work out the having to register it every time you use it issue and they honor my license agreement.