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Father Richard

This is the “basic” edition which is not even included in the “comparison” chart on the company’s web site,


Also, the other editions on “sale” on the buy page are on sale for the same price offered to the public on the company site. I could only find this “basic” edition on the company site for sale for the same amount as the “sale” price for the “Home Ultimate” version. This is very suspicious. A special “basic” version that is not mentioned anywhere except on some added looking spots on the company page at the same “retail” price as a better version is on sale for. Same prices for the “step up” purchases offered on SOS buy page as the company site. No info as to how they crippled their software to make this special “basic” version.

If anyone else has purchased this “basic” edition maybe they can tell us what the company has taken out of their software to make this special “basic” version for this special price. I will keep looking for a more honest sale price for my voice typing needs.