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Nick H

Opening this program after installation brings up a dialogue box that informs me that “KLite-CodePack is installed but too old
Update: http://www.prodad.de/support/files/K-Lite_CodecPack.exe” I have the most up to date version of K-lite already installed, I’ve double-checked this. I do not want to download codecs from ProDad, installing codecs from unknown sources has long been a means of infecting computers with malware etc. I’m not saying that Prodad would put a virus on my computer, I am saying that I am suspicious of software that informs me that I have out of date software when that is not the case. So, either the Prodad detection of the K-lite version is not working, or it is doing something else. It is my computer, I will install what I want to install on it, not something unknown that says it is a version of K-lite(how do I know that before installing, there is no hash provided that I can see?) So, thanks for the offer, but no thanks.

I tried the ‘Ignore’ option button in the dialogue box, this then opens the program but there is no way of entering the registration number.