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There are inverted or missing letters on their website titles… not a very good predictor for a program aiming at fidelity in text conversion.

“Cost-effecitve PDF converter and OCR tool.”
“A free easy to use PDF coversion software capable of converting Word, Excel, PPT, Image, Dwg and PSD to PDF”

I had to use a screenshot-plus-OCR tool to capture that, because, believe it or not, you can’t copy and paste text from those areas of the site.

Other parts are written in a language that may, or may not be Chinese, but is certainly not English :

“All PDF Converter is not only supporting English, but also German, Russia, Chinese, French, Italy and Spain. With this feature, this program will serve you no matter you are English speaker or not.”

There is no identification whatsoever of the company or individual behind the program, only an email address. We don’t even know where in the world they are located. They could as well be on Mars. The “company” tag on their website only leads to a contact form. Actual information on the “company” is completely missing. This, in my experience, is typical obfuscation from some Chinese outfits. Not very trust-inducing for a program which, outside from promotional offers such as this one, is sold for a price.

Also, the “Buy” links are, for some reason, blocked by the Firefox extension uMatrix. This means they are on a blacklist, and considered nefarious.