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The software sounds cool but I am getting an error message stating that it cannot install the package due to “Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package SP1 Update (x86) install was unsuccessful”. The error message then directs to contact Microsoft support and also to report the problem to “http://www.cyberlink.com/cs-help” and attach CyberLink AudioDirector 7.zip.

First off, there is no “CyberLink AudioDirector 7.zip” file on my desktop. Or in my download directory. I did tell the SoftwareSale installer to save a copy of the install file, but that is a .exe file.

I went to Microsft’s site and download the supposedly failed install program. I ran the installer for that package and initially ran a repair, which supposedly was successful, then ran the installer for CyberLink Audio Director 7, again it gets to about 2% then fails with the same message. I tried uninstalling the redistributable and re-installing then running the installer for the CyberLink program, same failure at the same point with the same error message. I noticed during the software’s attempted installation that some of the same programs were being installed as were being installed by the redistributable, so uninstalled the redistributable and then tried running the installer package for the CyberLink program, unfortunately, it produced the same results, i.e., it gets to 2% installed fails with the same error message.

I am running Windows 10 Professional 64bit.