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I do not go out of my way to say unkind things about people or products, for that matter, but this offering begs breaking my rule. Like all those scam emails from princes and princesses, probate attorneys and magical credit-card companies, this software targets the computer neophyte, hoping that, because they are new to computers, they will fall for this over-priced, generic “user manual”.

Since there are hundreds… thousands of different laptops out there, this offer cannot possibly cover anything but the bare basics of disassembly, maintenance, upgrading and reassembly of any particular one. Therefore, when it comes to working on your OWN laptop, it will leave you guessing… and probably making a costly mistake: For example, does YOUR laptop’s keyboard ribbon face up or face down? Re-insert/assemble it the wrong way, and, at best, you’ll have to take the thing apart TWICE.

Therefore, please consider my assertion that more than 30 years working with/on computers makes me kinda-sorta an expert who STRONGLY recommends you pass up this offer (even at the discounted price). Instead, go to your computer manufacturer’s support website, look for their own, PRECISE Upgrade & Repair manuals/how-to’s. They are FREE and, of course, specific to YOUR, EXACT machine.

Finally, if you run into a specific, sticky problem, there are hundreds of reliable, friendly forums online whose members live to help each other out. Not least because they get to show off a bit! :-)

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year to all.