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Spam Sorenson

[ @Felix Crevat]

For security reasons, i.e.the fact that mail providers like Google and Outlook read your email and log them, it is a good reason not to use them except for non sensitive messaging. Like this.

I am still using version 6.1 and see no reason to upgrade. With multiple email addresses for business – support@, contact@, investor@, sales@, etc@. this does a great job.

If you don’t care who reads your email or if you just use Google or Outlook then it’s OK not to understand the need for having a decent spam filter locally. But for business people with multiple accounts for say, family and friends, for social, for business and for special activities like banking and dating then this is a great tool, but it takes some work to set up.

What makes it different than free mail boxes, other than they read your mail and you have no privacy, is they often filter out important email and tag it as spam. Gone. Mailwasher does not, it gives you options to delete or flag as suspicious so you can then scan all current suspicious email and pull out the good from the spam without ever downloading it to your computer. Thus you get to approve an important email, or not before it gets downloaded.

So far this year I have received in excess of 362,000 emails using mailwasher server edition. (Yes that is correct 362 thousand.)

On my local computer running Mailwasher 6.1 forwarded 1% or about 3500 to me for filtering. Local Mailwasher filtered 80%. It would be higher but I tend to keep marginal emails like events and notices and certain news related emails. Otherwise it would be closer to 95% filter.

Mailwasher is not difficult to learn, it just takes time to learn.

Oh and the support on paid versions is excellent! Fast accurate and personal, not some call center with minimal understanding.

Recommended tool.