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    John USA

    If any user here has successfully created a CD/DVD boot disc with this software and then able to successfully boot with it and really able to reset the Windows password please inform us here of your result.
    Just for testing I obtained a PC with a CD/DVD burning drive and did create the boot disc.
    BUT …… this program would not run. My work was wasted.
    Looks like this program is unfortunately a dud.
    Please let us know of your results, either good or bad, tell us here of your actual experience.

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    Ed Z

    Why is this 4WinKey program listed by ShareWareOnSale as a $19.95 program giveaway when what we get is the free version that will not burn to a USB flash drive. When I tried to select the USB it says that I have to pay $19.95 to use the USB option. Why was the false $19.95 price listed for this giveaway were it should of said the free version?

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    Angry User

    This is one of the worst programs offered here as it is a piece of JUNK, USELESS and a huge TIME WASTER.
    A big shame on ASHRAF to offer this GARBAGE program when we cannot use it at all.

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    If you have Windows install media or a Windows Rescue disc that you can boot then you can manually reset the user password.
    Instructions are at:

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    [@Goldenbarstewart] May I know what anti-virus software do you use? We guarantee this program doesn’t contain any virus, we have passed many anti-virus check and it’s safe to your system. You can also upload the downloaded file to check if there are any virus.


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    [@Henri] Here is a FAQ for your reference. Q8. https://www.4winkey.com/support/faq.html#2

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    Year is 2018…and we got a free software that CANNOT write a simple USB key ? SERIOUSLY ???

    Does these guys really think people still continue to use CD/DvD nowadays ? Jeez, you are nuts !

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    Angry User

    The only way Ashraf can fix his huge mistake and make all angry and disappointed users happy again is to offer the Pro version immediately so we will be able to use this irritating program and useless program.

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    Thank you for sharing your awesome tip.



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    Three questions. First off, why is this getting such a positive rating? Second, everyone is complaining about the limitation of burning to optical media only… but … anyone could take an ISO or emulate a drive and create a bootable USB with this “software”. But most importantly, my third and final question is the same as a previous poster asked; Has anyone *successfully* used this? For giggles, I tried on a few spare machines (win7 and win10) and received the same error on each. I can’t remember exactly what it said… something like ‘Your windows is not detected.’ Personally, I wouldn’t trust this. But hey, that’s just my opinion based on actual attempts at using this. Can anyone chime in to say that this even works?

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