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    Can you let me know the OS version?

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    Andrey Korshunov


    Great thanks! Now tried again. Activation successfully.

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    I was able to install successfully; the earlier problems seem to have been fixed. I did initially have minor hiccup downloading, but it may have been a temp internet problem at my end (frequent short-term outages here), but using the manual download option I was able to immediately continue and install. Very quick and easy.

    I’m going to try installing to a thumb drive.

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    Andrey Korshunov

    Program alas not working. Trying to recover data, but always crashes with error. Post the log.

    Wrong application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Amrev Data Recovery\amrev-data-recovery.exe

    Problem signature
    Name of problem event: APPCRASH
    Application name: amrev-data-recovery.exe
    Application version:
    The timestamp of the application: 581db844
    The name of the module with the error: amrev-data-recovery.exe
    The version of the module with the error:
    The time stamp module with the error: 581db844
    Exception code: c00001a5
    Offset exceptions: 0003d489
    OS version: 6.3.9600.
    Language code: 1049
    Additional information 1: 182f
    Additional information 2: 182fb1dd9d3d1fd6740c341d1c01ff07
    Additional information 3: 5bb9
    Additional information 4: 5bb9e6564d63e009eb43e7e3a76d2afe

    For more information about the problem
    The ID of the container: a82f7c0446afe42c739b876902b82e77 (108744934056)

    OS: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (Update 1) x64
    HDD: Western Digital 2000Gb, WD20EARX, SATA3, 64Mb (Caviar Green)

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    [@Andrey Korshunov]

    We are updating setup for windows 8.1 in few minutes. Now software will not crash.

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    Win7, prohibited Unsigned driver installation: “Please contact the vendor for the receipt of the signed driver”.

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    All drivers are signed. Can you contact live chat with support ( http://www.amrevsoftware.com/).

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    Andrey Korshunov

    [@Alex] Well, keep us in course.

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    Reg Pellow

    [@Ashraf] Regret only go as far as “Success of Download page”. Then nothing.
    Happened a few times with these downloads lately

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    The answer from support service:
    Hello Alex,
    Drivers are already signed. Can you please let us know Is this Windows 7 64 bit / Windows 7 32 bit?
    Amrev Software Support Team

    Here is what I have:
    Сигнатура проблемы:
    Имя события проблемы: APPCRASH
    Имя приложения: amrev-data-recovery.exe
    Версия приложения:
    Отметка времени приложения: 581db844
    Имя модуля с ошибкой: ntdll.dll
    Версия модуля с ошибкой: 6.1.7601.18798
    Отметка времени модуля с ошибкой: 5507b3e0
    Код исключения: c0000005
    Смещение исключения: 0005b405
    Версия ОС: 6.1.7601.
    Код языка: 1049
    Дополнительные сведения 1: abcc
    Дополнительные сведения 2: abcc8f7853b48d9807d6d51eb1fa5df9
    Дополнительные сведения 3: abcc
    Дополнительные сведения 4: abcc8f7853b48d9807d6d51eb1fa5df9

    Ознакомьтесь с заявлением о конфиденциальности в Интернете:

    Если заявление о конфиденциальности в Интернете недоступно, ознакомьтесь с его локальным вариантом:

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    Andrey Korshunov

    [@John] Excuse me, John. Post #7188325 i wanted to write to You. Updated installer finished?

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    IPRL-ADED75-BF4A77B2-LF2B25C2-F967A3HB-7E-7DAL key not working

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    It says “This license key is blocked, please contact the software vendor.”

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    john b

    won’t activiate. License is blocked

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    S B

    The new license Key : IPRL-ADED75-BF4A77B2-LF2B25C2-F967A3HB-7E-7DAL : is BLOCKED. A Message comes up requesting me to contact the Software Vendor. Plz. Help. Thanks.

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