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    Same here, won’t install on Win 10, 64 bit. Seems kind of pointless if the program you’re offering only works on Windows 7.

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    I noticed this too but I guess it doesn’t matter much when the program doesn’t install anyway!

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    Jersey on first page typed he had Win7 and it doesn’t work;
    I have Win7Pro and it doesn’t work either

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    Can’t edit… so… new post.

    If it will not install on Windows 10, you need to goto the official site and download: https://www.apowersoft.com/phone-mirror

    Note: THIS TIME, I left the settings as is, and allowed it to install to the desktop, quick link and run on startup. Not sure if this makes a difference or not – but it did install this time.

    Follow the directions to install, including SignUp. Once you verify everything, then you need to activate. To do this, click on your profile, then your name (there will be a drop down menu). Choose activate, then enter the key provided (51D79-8252J-OEAG0-8E6A7). This is only a 1 year VIP key, and will cost roughly $70 to renew.

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    Установился только дистрибутив, скачанный с официального сайта. Отсюда не устанавливается. Лицензия на 1 год.

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    The license is important!
    The time you have is important!
    Let ASHRAF correct this!
    Да я догадался,как правило в 80% у ApowerSoft лицензии только на 1 год.
    Проверить можно и по стоимости программы в данной акции – сравнить с её стоимостью на оригинальном сайте.
    А можно установить и перевести дату ПК.
    За редким исключением дают бессрочные лицензии и не на этом сайте.
    Лицензия важна – так как это подтверждение легальности и зря потраченное время,при неточной и недостаточной информации.Поэтому пусть Ашраф исправляет свои опечатки и т.д.

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    Thanks a lot

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    Same as people…
    Unable to finish the install on Win10 x64…
    Seriously, are you testing the soft you share ?
    ApowerSoft : Great bad ad for you…

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    Same problem as above, but it shows up in regedit.

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    Svend Ostergaard

    Same problem as several others! Will not install!

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    Won’t install, as others said, Windows 10 x64 Pro. As to the extent of any license. Using prior release history for such programs using these words at SOS, I’m assuming this means Lifetime yes, but just 1 year of free updates. Do be careful since at some sites there’s warnings that trying to Update past the year date has been known to disable any existing licensed version. No warning here but keep eye if ever see such conditions. Only a few brands do that. Now just get this d/l fixed please. This is a 1-computer 1-year lifetime license, for commercial or noncommercial use
    You get free updates for one year

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    Svend Ostergaard

    [@Сергей] Thank’s! It works :)

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    Insatallation encounters problem always and I run Win 10.

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    Who else has problems with the USB connection of the smartphone mase m5?

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    Distribution program download from the official site

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