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    Bonsoir , j’aimerai une explication pour le : ==>Entrez votre adresse e – mail pour obtenir AVG Internet Security 2018 pour GRATUIT (sauf 69,99 $)!

    le (sauf 69,99 $)! il est payant est non gratuit donc ce cas

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    Lie, it’s not free. After a month asking to buy it, the key does not apply.

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    Спасибо все работает …

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    Спасибо за халяву!)) все работает

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    WHy is it that when I use the code to activate the license within the application, I only get 30-days instead of 1 year?
    I activate the software on 02/01/2018, and it says it is only active until 01/02/2018?

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    miss tse

    My AVG did not enter the location of the serial number, may I ask what can be done

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    Mr Quan

    Tôi chưa tìm được cách đăng nhập key đã đăng ký trên phần mềm AVG anti virut free để trở thành AVG internet security…Mong bạn giúp đỡ…

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    thank you so much, AVG

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    Brian Hudson

    I really was excited to install this and try it out before getting a package deal for my whole family – a veritable fleet of computers, tablets, phones, you name it we got it and several of it. Had used TuneUp in the past and really liked it, and AVG had for awhile the top spot in recommended antivirus downloadable software. I still think this would be great software, but the key given in this giveaway expired in 2014 according to AVG’s chat tech support, hobbling the software and leaving a big red banner ominously saying that I am not protected. When clicking on the “fix now” button, you get an error that you have to clear out, twice, regarding file visthaux.exe. No idea if it is just the one part that is in red that is not protected (the hackers/enhanced firewall box), or if the entire suite is offline and leaving me wide open. Interesting that the software says the key is good until 1/14/2019, but AVG says expired in 2014. On a brand new pc with a brand new email address, so it isn’t a “you’ve done this before so nope sorry” situation, either. Back to Windows Defender it is, I guess then. Very disappointed with AVG.

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    nasıl aktifleştireceğimi bilemiyorum

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    AVG ANTIVIRUS est un logiciel très utile et efficace.

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    Marshall Weinstein

    Tried to participate in the AVG Internet Security offer in which the free was to be downloaded then “Subscription” clicked, so I could enter the license number IBY9X-ESYXT-W4BZQ-QI4WX-A9LI7-INRS3. There is no “Subscription” link available!

    Hope o read from you soon, as I’d like to try it.

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    Deal qui ne marche pas!
    Installé pour la première fois mais la licence ne marche que pour un mois ….. désinstallé, réinstallé….. même chose!
    Déjà un bug au niveau de la licence, alors!

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    I opened about but there is no “subscription” link to add the license!!
    How do I register and change it from free to pro?

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