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    Hannes Nell


    “BITDEFENDER TOTAL SECURITY 2018 (100% DISCOUNT)” but ends up to be a 90 Day Trail…

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    ευχαριστω πολυ!!

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    Thank you! I appreciate the trial period. I have never used this software before so I am glad to have the opportunity to do so, if it was not on this site I would not have thought to try it. Thank you again! It always amazes me how ungrateful people are for receiving something for free.

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    Bitdefender tickles my tight little butt. I love it!

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    very good

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    This should be labeled:
    Bitdefender Total Security 25% of 2018

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    just me

    3 months trial is not worth my time – to try software or to come to this site to investigate. there is a danger here, when i saw a product that interests me in my email from you, i would come to this site. but i never waste my time with anything less than a 1 year trial/lic. i am now becoming cynical and rarely come due to all the inferior offers of 3-6 months. do not let the lure of lots of quick hits to your site to check out the bitdefender now, destroy your hits later as no one goes to your site in the future.

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    $22.50 Free! (100% off) This is a lie since when you need pay for trial????

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    Tina Newman

    This is a 90 day trial. So the description 100% free is a little misleading. No the less 90 days are not to sniffed at.

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    thank you

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    FAKE, Only 90 days!!

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    Nice Product

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    Mahmoud Youssef


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