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    Helen Richard

    Tried to unzip but WinZip unzips a “SharewareOnSale_Giveaway_BundleStorm_v2_[Part_1]_hub.exe (2356 KB) which, when used to install, requires a “Password” which no one at SharewareOnSale provided. Sooo… please provide a password (or 6?) else, there is no way we can get even 1 Vector ClipArt. Thanks. Helen

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    try the mac downloads as they usually double up mac and pc

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    This is very suspicious. My first clue was the .exe format. I tried to install anyway, and it told me it would download a zip and (install). It put a zip file in my temporary directory. The zip file in the temporary directory and it didn’t open.

    This is likely a malware bundle and should be avoided like the plague.

    I hope that Sharewareonsale scans its programs thoroughly and also contact information for the seller. The BundleStorm web site doesn’t have any contact information.

    The good news is that this program motivated me to locate the email address of local cybercrime units.

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    part3, part4, part5 and part6 doesn’t work :(

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    Well I decided to be neat about this and created a folder for each bundle and downloaded each installer hub file.
    This gave me the zip file which upon clicking on “Extract” like always doe when it comes to a zip file, I get the wording from Windows Before you can extract files, you have to copy files to this compressed folder Never had that happen before. Now I understand why all were downloaded in a matter of seconds!!

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    Can you guys provide a non executable link and just a direct link to the zip?

    All are corrupt.

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    Says files are wrong format or corrupted

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    frank hart

    seems that the download-hosts are not available currently, maybe to high impact?!
    looking forward to downnload the rest of the files when the downloads are going well again..

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    I’ve got 6 zip files (BundleStorm v2 [Part (1 to 6)].zip). Each files 137 ko only ! Can’t unpack them, and then ???
    $0 is too expensive for spending 10 minutes of my time…

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    Yep. Empty zips

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    kwan wai fat

    can not be unzipped. not work, I deleted all of them, many thanks.

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    That no one from the publisher has replied to any of these posts is further evidence that they are not on the up and up. Most publishers reply with the zip password or some other comment.

    I suggest that Sharewareonsale delete this listing.

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    I also had 2 invalid zips (5 and 6) downloading through the SOS manager, then I tried the MAC links, which are direct download links from ‘mediafire.com’. The MAC links all worked. The MAC links are .zip files which are readable in win 7 (I assume also in Win 8 and 10).

    Request: please make the SOS manager in such a way it can batch/queue download all links in stead of downloading each SOS manager executable for each part.

    Thank you for this offer.

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    It looks like a hoax.

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    No malware here luckily, just stupid choices.

    Just download the Mac files. They are the same thing, apart from being downloaded directly and not via the bad .exe made up exclusively for Win users.

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