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    Hi [@bunnyb0y] Actually there used to be the option to select the install dir but to be honest I did not see the point in saving cca 9 MB – the program itself is relatively small – you will not gain much. The idea of choosing the custom data directory is much more interesting. May I ask you to make such feature request by writing to support@clipa.vu? By that I will get the chance to track and let you know once available… The same for filtering by file extensions. Ideally please drop ANOTHER email to support@clipa.vu. On this idea I will need a bit of discussion with you before diving into the implementation… I will await your request on the support desk… Best regards, Jan

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    Hello [@greg5] Thank you for your comments. Please see my answers below.

    Windows XP – not supported: I agree, not supported and being retired officially by MS there is not plan to support unless requested by many… My apologies for that.
    Required Net Framework 4.5.1 and higher: Connected to above point.
    After installation, a reboot is needed – for what?: That is not true. It might have happened in your case, maybe older computer where .NET version was older than required. In 99% of cases no reboot required.
    Where can I download the full installer normally? On our website: http://clipa.vu/downloads/windows-desktop/
    Why such a program activation online? Licensing is the only part not written by me. We followed the model of the 3rd party licensing library and to be honest it works very nicely for us. I do not think that one time on-line activation is anything wrong. Once you activate you can stay offline for ever.
    Supported languages? The app is prepared for translations but there was no time to execute on any coordinated translation effort yet. Out BIG dream to have it in all thinkable languages. It might very well happen already in 2017 that at least 5-10 languages will be supported but no hard promises from me unless I am absolutely sure…

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    Thank you very much!
    Please do not take offense at me.
    Give please link to the FULL – OFLINE installer program.

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    Hi [@greg5] I am not sure I understand. I provided one link and you can get the installer there. However you get completely the same installer once you check the “Save installer to my computer in Downloads folder” withing the SharewareOnSale installer program. Please write me to support@clipa.vu if you need more assistance. Thank you, Jan

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    Excuse me!

    Everything is fine!

    Blame around there Net Framework 4.5.1(online installer + Restart).

    Windows 7×64 – I installed a lite version Net Framework 4.5

    Your installer Clipa.Vu – Full installer!

    Thank you very much for your help!

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    [@greg5] Oh, now I understand what you meant. And yes, you nailed it down, it really was because of the difference between lite and full .NET. Thanks for posting :)

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    Dan MacNeil

    Is there a way to install it in a different folder?
    I installed the free version and I cannot find a place to register it. Where do I enter the username email and the registration key?

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    [@Dan MacNeil] Please open this tutorial and scroll down a bit. The option to install to different folder is discussed in one of the previous entries here. In short: not possible at the moment but can be easily added in one of the future versions. BR, Jan

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    Robert Roy

    Thank you Jan for this program. I still cannot register though after ten attempd:

    “To register the program, run it and click the FREE button in the bottom-right corner. After that, click ENTER LICENSE KEY, enter the email and license key we give you above, and click ACTIVATE. Make sure to enter the email we give you about and not your own email, otherwise it will not register properly. ” Won’t let me register….

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    Hi [@Robert Roy] It worked for so many other users so I am sure it will for you too. Please try again exactly as this tutorial shows. If still no success please make a screenshot of the moment when it failed and send it to support@clipa.vu. Thank you, Jan

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