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    This program as version 1.0 was given away here on SoS on 2020-07-31 and on another giveaway site on 2020-07-26. I did install the SoS giveaway program but only to try the activation process that the comments were about. On the other giveaway site, the same problem of not seeing any of the disks/partitions was ocurring for many that did get the program installed, and some reported a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) after the install, so I never bothered.

    I was glad to see version 1.3 released, and had full intentions of installing and testing it to see how it compares to Do Your Clone offered here on 2121-01-25 (https://sharewareonsale.com/s/free-doyourclone-100-discount).

    The DMClone program did install but immediately displayed the dialog “Failed to open partition or disk” but when I closed the dialog, the program did display and the Activate option was available. After activation succeeded, I had the choice to select a disk, but the dialog that is supposed to display the lists of partitions/disks displays “Select a source” yet no items are listed to select. This seems to be an issue with the software that needs to be better beta-tested to determine why many state that the partitions/disks are not found.

    One of the comments mentioned the user was successful but they downloaded the installer from the developer’s website. That cannot be the cause of success because the one that can be downloaded from the developer’s website is the same one that is available to SoS, as verified by their Hash values being the same:
    MD5 0B5D3A62 6B703B84 68F36E72 664E4C89
    SHA1 BB2B7A51 A08C46F2 DDD46E72 4A1D54F9 8A7644E6

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    For those needing a solution, but can’t get DMClone to work, I highly recommend checking out the free edition of Macrium Reflect. It’s a very capable backup program that also lets you clone one drive to another. There’s a lot of power, so a bit of complexity to understand (good help available). During cloning you can chose whether to include or exclude any partitions, and adjust partition sizes on the new disk (helpful if upgrading to a larger disk). https://www.macrium.com/reflectfree

    As for backups, it’s saved me several times. I use incremental backups, they run quickly. When there are so many changes to the hard drive that the incremental files get too big (usually after 3-4 incremental backups), I do a full backup. Program can verify backups when they are made or when you want to restore one. I can restore a whole partition, or “mount” the backup as a new drive letter and read/recover files – very handy. Be sure to create rescue media from within the program, and check that you can boot from the rescue media.

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    Dear Company,

    When I try to activate the program DMclone using exclusive license key: NU9Z5-RY5UK-55P2P-NCSW2-SAKXV,
    I receive message:
    (!) Activation failed.
    Your license code has been used or the network is unconnect.
    Please contact us with support@donemax.com

    Please help me to decide this problem.

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