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    I’m having same problem as others – –
    Followed instructions and try run key.DVDFabPasskey.A Window pops up Saying product will be restarted. Product restarts asking for passkey.
    Tried to run RegDVDFabPasskey.exe.
    Goes no further.
    Help Please

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    Installed it and got the key to register it without problem. However, I’ve put two different BDs in my BD drive and Passkey hasn’t recognized either. In settings it just says “no disc in drive” and if I click Rip to HD or Rip to Image it does not find the source drive. Suggestions? Obviously it’s worthless if it can’t find the discs in my drive. Running Win7pro.

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    Ron Shirley

    Program only registers and then does nothing!

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    John A.

    OK so I followed the instructions and all I get is a small pop up window listing the different key types. When I click on the Start Passkey button, the pop up closes and nothing else happens. I did the initial install, I closed the program as directed, then ran the key program. Same problem as everyone else. Installed program, clicked on and registered, says that the license will never expire. Yet when I click on the shortcut the same window comes up and when I click on Start Passkey the window goes away and nothing happens. My OS is win 8.

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    John A.

    [@John A.] Program will not start. Countdown 14 seconds closes it. Uninstalled and reinstalled, loaded a DVD movie and program does not work. I will uninstall it, not ready for Prime Time, has Bugs.

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    Ron Shirley

    The problem appears to be that the program does not run from the icon. When it starts, it is run from an icon on the bottom of the windows page by right clicking on that icon and not the one on the main screen. This appears to be the problem where it does not appear to be doing anything but disappearing. I have not used the program yet but it does install as described but to access the program after it is running you have to right click the icon on the lower left of the screen which may not be visible if you have not adjusted it to show all hidden icons.

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    So after restarting I was able to get Passkey to recognize BDs in our BD drive; however, if I click on either ‘Rip to Disk’ or ‘Rip to Image’ the Passkey window then freezes, the software becomes unresponsive, and nothing is saved.

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    I have XP operating system. I installed and double clicked the activation key. It says thank you and signalled that it will close program to relaunch. But alas! It did not activate. I repeated it thrice and same thing happened. Something must be wrong somewhere.

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    Ron Shirley

    The software installs as described. The problem appears to be that it installs to the bottom applications list and has to be accessed by right clicking on the icon at the bottom of the page. This appears to have given many installers the impression that it did not install. Have not tried it on a DVD yet but appears to be what was described in the program.

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    Developed by Fentago Software *LOL*
    —> Fengtao

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