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    John A.

    IS IT TRUE, THAT THIS ONLY BACKS UP TO D DRIVE OR USB STICK? I want to back up to a stand alone DISK DRIVE.

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    Frank Scott

    May I suggest Macrium Reflect? – I have been using it for years and it has saved me time and again – it has everything you need plus Ransomware protection of the images it produces.

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    [@Han] Well, I am not such a novice, but playing with the BCD and forcing som Ubunto on my hardisk is not something even an avarege power user can handle. I have never encountered such a damaging software, since the times of DOS 2.0

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    Thanks Ashraf for the useful giveaway.
    Best regards

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    Muhammad Kamal

    thanks 100%

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    Downloaded and installed.

    I need a restore point. My WindowsVista machine that has everything on it ceased making restore points a year ago. While my data is backed up, all the software is not… Have tried nearly a zillion “fixes” found all over the internet. None work Yes. am replacing the machine.

    But in the meantime..This software looks like it will get the job done for me. But I’m concerned that my system is fragile…what if it messes it up more? I want to abandon the machine after wiping it, not melt it into slush before I choose. It says it will change my master boot record and maybe wreck it!

    Am I misreading it?

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    [@Joseph] My windows vista system refuses to create a restore point…..cannot begin to tell you all the “fixes” I have applied in the last year. Yes, I’m getting a new system in the next few weeks but want to be sure I can rescue everything I use from this one.

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    I would be very suspicious of a company which is using a name very similar to an established player in the field. Personally I have been using RX Rollback for several years now. As a personal user it is free and has never let me down, even after some pretty major failures on my part!

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    [@william] This Software has is no trojaner! Please never trolling here again!

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    Thanks, Ashraf!

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    Please Ashraf, make them help me out of the disaster they caused.

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    Por favor, me presenteie com a licença do Eassos Restauração do Sistema.

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    Por favor, me presenteie com a licença do Eassos Restauração do Sistema.

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    Why use an unknown third party software for this critical purpose? geometry dash

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    Your post was really. The local validation and internal content will be able to transfer. bloxorz

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