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    Taweeporn Singsuri


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    Jane Gubskaya

    [@Doris] You’re welcome! With any questions, please feel free to contact us: https://www.filterforge.com/contact/

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    Jane Gubskaya

    [@fwk] Hi, has the key already arrived? If not, please, contact our support team and let us know your email address: https://www.filterforge.com/contact/

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    Jane Gubskaya

    [@aonce] [@Djekki] [@Michelle] [@Malcolm] , thank you for these warm words! It is important for us and for me personally to hear them.

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    Reg Pellow

    Dear Sirs,

    Downloaded/installed Filter Forge 5 (on my birthday!). Says have sent me an email with key. Not received.

    More, installed but not showing any icons of installation on desktop and cannot therefore launch.

    Assistance appreciated


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    I’ve downloaded the software, but didin’t received the email with the key.

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    Jane Gubskaya

    [@Reg Pellow] I only can guess, but hope you’ve already received the key. If not, please look for it in your SPAM folder. If it is still not there, contact us via https://www.filterforge.com/contact/ We’ll find your request and resend you the key manually.

    As for the desktop icon, Windows officially do not recommend applications to create the shortcuts by default. So we do not do this. You can do it yourself: just go to Start menu -> All programs -> right-click Filter Forge 5 -> choose Send option in the pop-up menu -> choose Desktop (create shortcut). Here, you have a Filter Forge shortcut on your Desktop. This instruction works fine for Windows. If you have Mac, just let me know.

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    Jane Gubskaya

    [@João] Again, I can only quess, but I think the key is already in your Inbox (or in Spam folder). Just add information@filterforge.com address to your address book and our letters won’t get to Spam folder anymore.

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    Este programa é precioso. Foi um grande presente para mim!
    Obrigado, SharewareOnSale!

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    Daniel Beck

    Thanks for this! I’m not a PhotoShop user, and have always wanted to try this out for use with my other texture endeavors and software. This is an excellent opportunity for me to sink in and try it! ;)

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    Lonny Hillier

    they say they sent the key for Filter Forge 5, I see it no where in my E-Mail ?

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    Kenneth Limbrck

    My first comment did not praise this product. I was told my comments were unacceptable and to submit something funny. Ok, I think it is funny when a site asks for an opinion after someone has used the product; then gets flagged for giving an honest “polite”opinion. For the record, this is the first program I ever felt motivated to submit any kind of comment. In the future, I will keep my opinion to myself. Ha Ha Ha…..
    Funny enough? :o)
    Best Wishes to a site I enjoy!

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    hannes wade

    Very good program

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    Rod Fitzpatrick

    I wrote yesterday but the wondrous web seems to have gobbled it up. I have downloaded and installed Filter Forge 5.0 intending to use it with PhotoShop CS6 but it is not visible in the filters menu. I have uncovered several files and folders for Filter Forge bury I have no idea what to move or where top !over it. I would be grateful for any assistance. Thank you.


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    Rod Fitzpatrick

    Sorry! Auto-complete messed me up. What I thought I was saying was, “…but I have no idea what to move or where to move it.” Hope this clarifies!


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