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    Have used it for years. It WORKS!!! End of story!
    Great product. Used the free version before that, it works too!!
    Thank you!

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    Frank Russo

    I was excited to get a comp pro copy of this program.

    However, upon installation, it asks if you want to install a shortcut for games.
    To me this means games are installed on your system and only the shortcut is optional.

    I went to Glary’s site and downloaded the program directly and found the same game install on their setup version.

    While I credit Glary for acknowledging the “Pup” install, I am not a fan of installing anything but the intended program.

    So, as excited as I may have been initially….. I will pass on this one.
    Thanks anyway SOS.
    I do however, appreciate your tireless efforts.

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    Ivan Moronov

    [ @Ivan Moronov]
    I understood.
    I installed the program in 2015, the last promotion action, from another site.
    And the license is eternal.

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    Thank you for this usefull giveaway!

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    just got this program. works fine so far. does a great job cleaning up pc.

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    Vadym Mykhaylyuk

    [ @Vadym Mykhaylyuk] Show me a screenshot please.

    UPDATE. Panda just returned file to Download folder and marked it as ‘safe’.

    As for telemetry, I tested this software and didn’t find any significant traces.

    Furthermore, the software seems to be the most brilliant I have ever seen in years. It is far better than of Auslogic and TuneUp Utilities I used in past.

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    Hi Ashraf,
    tried downloading it. Ok. When asked to “RUN” it, would say: windows has problem running it and have prob. installing it” cannot run it. I love the Glarys since ages and have been helped by it several times for my smooth running PC – win xp to win vista to win 7 to win 10 now…
    pls. advice. thnx

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    The Pro subscription ended on its own and now it displays as trial version it not been more than 2 months. Also I don’t get an option to update the key it only asks to buy. Please help

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