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    Steve Sr

    Why are the maps so old? Sure would be nice to see my subdivision an city in updated maps.
    Nothing new here as far as maps, otherwise good program.

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    I simply am unable to use the downloader hub to download this software in the first place. Anybody else experiencing this? What can I do to troubleshoot, if anything at this point? Disappointing, as I would really love to use this!

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    than you

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    Alvaro Alberto

    Muito obrigado a versão pró é simplesmente fantástica show

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    Thanks for this offer =)

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    Thank You.

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    Thank you for this offer ;-)

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    Pat Poy

    Whenever I download it, my antivirus just delete it.
    Also the PRO version is free from Google site, so no need to install it from this site and maybe this is what is causing the problem in first place

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    Mike Desombre

    [@Ashraf] |It never asked me to activate it.

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    [@Jillian] My Norton AV kept deleting the hub download so I disabled auto protect but since it seems there is no need to register, try this link https://www.google.com/earth/download/gep/agree.html

    Good luck, magiccrpet

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    Merci beaucoup vous êtes trés gentils en ce momemnt de fin d’année.

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    Why not support linux version?

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    Dat Pham

    Thank you very much for the good giveaway. Great app!

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    Norton antivirus considers that the pre-instalator:
    is not safe and sends it directly to the trash.
    Can you help me

    In any case thank you for sending us all these quality software for free or,at a low price


    Jo Rib

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    ОТЛИЧНАЯ программа. Как в детстве – попадаешь в сказку. Красиво, интересно и познавательно. Respect for mr. Ashfar and his teem. Best regards!

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