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    Great software now owned by DxO ~ strongly suggest everyone downloads collection while its still free. Some of tools work as standalone software as long as you take care and are aware that these will overwrite original image. If you don’t own Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture there are workarounds to allow it to work with (free) GIMP and they’ll also work with Serif’s new flagship product Affinity Photo.

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    DXO said they will keep it free.

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    It says $49.99 on their site.

    Is this the Google version that has been free for some time, or is it the DxO collection that has been reworked for better compatibility?

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    The link failed – 404 Not Found
    Apparently, the file does not exist.
    No wonder it’s free.

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    Nicola Malagnini

    the link of nik collection is broken :-( and i’m not alone..

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    The link still works and suggest you download this BRILLENT piece of software, probably one of the best add-ons & standalone graphic software available. Have been using it for years and HIGHLY recommend it.
    DxO have bought it and are charging for the updated version, but really this version does it all.

    Just a caution, if you are to use it as a standalone, work on a copy of the original as when you save it, it will overwrite the file you are working on…

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    Kojo Dastorm

    Hello. Please the Mac link is broken and lands on a 404 page. Please fix and alert me when you do.

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    Di C

    Goes through the insulation motions repeatedly, but nothing happening , any suggestions except try again , I have.
    Is it not a standalone? it says it is reading through information on here


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    Di C

    [reply user=’Kojo Dastorm’ id=’1185579

    You must be the exception because myself amongst a few others (reading through) can’t access it

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    Works good for me a good addition to lightroom.

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    [ @fs]
    No, you are wrong.
    It was free in the latest version offered by Google. It has become paid now, with the new versions by DXO that bought the software.
    Note however that it is not the latest version that is proposed here, the latest version being 1.2.18.
    But it still remains an invaluable gift because it is a high quality software.

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    it is trial version or full? if it is full, i install program and program write “your trial has expired”. What i need to do?

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    Thank you for the Nik collection.

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    garry brazier

    this is just what i have been looking!! for excellent! thank you!

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    Lorenzo Vuerich

    after installing this version it tells me that i have 20 days trial left. how can i redeem the full version?

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