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    ID INSTALATION: 1FBE511F-4A42-4D36-9428-92D06CFE011C please fix new activation SHAREOS to use the valid license.

    grettings from spain.

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    Hi, Loaris Manager
    me about 2 months Before use cracked windows and use giveaway site too!! after see giveaway site offer your program I get it in cracked windows but after a while, my program does not work good and sees the offer from Microsoft partner and get license windows 10 pro. I install your app in new original windows 10 pro and email to your team that full fix my program and send me the new code ( very thanks to your team because do not free support in this giveaway ). but after 10 days because I install some important cracked app in original windows and I do not the security of this’ windows block administrator from me and after 30 hours chat with Microsoft partner say me you must reinstall windows again . after that I reinstall windows. but I was so embarrassed to email again to send me a new code. after that and see offers from this site and I became very happy. but after installing the app and want to say new email get -13 day expired license .i see in this page comment see your feedback to the member can not active program for multi email in one PC . after all! please fix my error with your app .
    old email: arsz3811@outlook.com new email: arsz3811@gmail.com
    please delete any license from all account and delete the full account from arsz3811@gmail.com
    and send me new one code to this email: arsz3811@outlook.com
    with the following id : D514AD4F-2B8F-43DC-A982-33BC5F617087
    thanks a lot from you and whole team

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    I continue to get “Check your Internet Connection” when I attempt to get the Key. I have checked the Internet Connection and it is just fine; I downloaded the program, I have visited any website I choose, including Sharewareonsale.com and Loaris.com without issue. I also can download programs from the Internet, I can install them and register or activate them without issue, so if the program indicates that the user check their Internet Connection, but the user knows very well that it is just fine, then it looks bad for the software developer that is claiming otherwise. Therefore, this program’s error message is not correct. You should state exactly what the problem is in this case. I install programs on a regular basis without this issue, so the problem lies in Loaris software. After the failure, the program starts a Scan, but has no way to re-attempt to get the key without exiting and restarting. This also should be unnecessary.

    In addition to the register/activate issues, this program has not worked very well for many users in the past. I decided to give it another try after deciding the program was not worth the effort it takes from the user a few years back. It is too bad that the program has not progressed since then.

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    sir, email as requested.

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    I have tried this software and he found nearly 100% false positives !
    With 697 “infection” this software wanted to remore all my “giveaway” games because of an URL redirection inside (just an AD inside).
    And more hard to understand, it delete all my plugins in chrome like LASTPASS and lots of item in chrome.
    The cleaning was so perfectul that i had to uninstall chrome (with IObit uninstaller) before a new install of Crrome + lastpass because lastpass cannot install anymore after the cleaning.
    I’m not a bad guy but an antimalware software removing all good softwares with so many lots of false positives is nearly a malware itself ;)
    If you use this software i warn you : you could lost lots of good sofwares and have others not running properly, so read carefully what this software find !

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    Loaris Manager

    [@HarFanG] Dear User,
    Our Analytical Team defined this engine as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). If you installed it by yourself and sure about it safety you can choose “False positive” after scan, so you put this file into ignore list. The file will no longer be scanned. For some users it is an unwanted program, that was installed by a third-party.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@Dectot] Our Analytical Team defined that apps as PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program). If you installed it by yourself and sure about it safety you can choose “False positive” after scan, so you put this file into ignore list. The file will no longer be scanned. For some users it is an unwanted program, that was installed by a third-party.
    Also, you can contact us, so we can consult you about each detect file – support.loaris.com

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    Loaris Manager

    [@Gary]Dear User,
    Sorry for this issue! It caused by other antiviruses and firewall on your PC.
    Please temporarily disable your firewall and other anti-virus software. Usually, you can do it by right-clicking on its icon at system tray (near system clock) and choosing Disable protection/Disable firewall -> Till next reboot option.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@alireza] Thank you for choosing us again!
    We have sent you an email on – arsz3811@outlook.com. Check it, please.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@pezuñadetoro] Dear User,
    Please, send us your email.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@thanhthanh] We have sent an email to – tuinebanoi277@gmail.com. Check it, please.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@Father Richard] Sorry for this issue!
    Please, go to the Help Tab of Loaris Trojan Remover and click on the SOS giveaway button.
    After that, you will have space to enter your email and get a key.

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    Loaris Manager

    [@Machocabrio] Please, give us your email.

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    for 6 months sharewareonsale. before giveaway of the day prize they had 365days.

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    hello @loaris Manager Thankyou so much My email it’s bellow:
    My license works perfectly. and still have the giveawayoftheday gift. 301 days valid. Please increase more time to expire.

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