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    hi guys its only for 184 days than after that what we have to do its not valid for 1 year.

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    Mr. Pedro D Rodriguez Sr.

    After a long period of time after my MacAfee license expired and using Windows Defender I finally get the opportunity to go back to my favorite antivirus . Thank you for this offer !!

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    Super program.

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    я конечно не поклонник этой марки но приятно удивили меня

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    Çok güzel antivirüs

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    為什登入郵件 都說密碼不正確(不符) 無法得到免費一組金鑰

    請幫我 看 問題出哪 謝謝
    McAfee Internet Security 2017


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    do not get key
    plese give me.

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    Hello, unfortunatelly the link you sent me reffers to the wrong side :(

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    right now i download McafeeInternetSecurity and after using will tell you about my experience .

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    It does not work like it say in the describtion. It goes immediately to the page where I have to give away my credit card details!!!! EVERY SINGE DETAIL about my credit card, and then I have to click “I agree to automatic reneval” which neither I want nor I agree to. It is NOT FREE.

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    It is NOT like the describtion say. It seems I HAVE to give my credit card info plus agree to AUTHOMATIC reneval which is not THE DEAL.

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    Esto no funciona

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    I have now download this product and am anxious to try it out. Thank You for offering this product at 100% Free so that we can get a good idea of how usable it is. I do hope to come back in and give you a good report after trying it out for awhile. I am going to go try out my McAfee product now, again, Thank You. WC

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    glaudizo silva

    excelente,muito útil.obrigado!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    How can I get the License? It’s doesn’t show the giveaway page.

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