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    I just read where go get the key for the Multiple Search and Replace program. I checked that email addressand there is nothing there. Please send the key again. Thank you

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    [@Alexander Triantafyllou] i have the same proplme i did what you have said in this comment but nothing has changed unspecified error id:9 this is the massege apper to me
    plz help befor its over
    i need this app so bad

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    Alexander Triantafyllou

    please also note that you should have administrator priviledges in order to register the program.

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    Alexander Triantafyllou


    it is not a trojan.

    This application has been bought by many users and even big companies and has been reviewed from many blogs and magazines.

    It is a false flag because our installer (NSIS) only does download a simple php webpage using the NSIS inetc plugin in order totally anonymously log the application installation count (the number of installations only).

    We will remove this in the future.

    Trojan downloader according to VirusTotal


    — Antiy-AVL GrayWare[Downloader]/Win32.Adload.gen 20180506

    — VBA32 suspected of Trojan.Downloader.gen.h 20180504

    I suggest that vendors test and tweak their software so as to eliminate malware, and so as to pass malware examination.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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