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    Launching the ‘System Monitor’ makes the app freeze and sometimes crash!!!! I certainly wouldn’t want a PC utility that can’t even maintain itself trying to maintaining my PC ! I have words of advice for the creator of this application in the form of a famous Quote ..” Physician heal thy self” i don’t want to risk it’s problem infecting my system or other applications so i pass on this offer for now.

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    It fails to clean Chrome cookies on my win 10 machine.

    It says it did, but the repeat scan still shows the exact number of cookies (19) that were there when the first cleaning procedure was performed.

    So, in order to clean Chrome cookies, one needs to do it from within the browser itself.

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    Neptune SystemCare PR

    Dear Sharewareonsale.com users,

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. The problem is caused by the previous registration information that has been not cleared after the uninstallation.

    Now we work out a solution and here’s the guide to fix the “7-day-trial” problem:
    1. The “7 day trial” users uninstall the Neptune SystemCare Ultimate, then download clean-reginfo.exe and run.
    2. Reinstall Neptune SystemCare Ultimate giveaway version.

    Clean-reginfo.exe URL:
    Neptune SystemCare Ultimate giveaway version download URL: (effective until Sep 30, 2017)

    Please contact Support@neptuneutilties.com if you have any further question.

    Neptune SystemCare PR
    Email: Support@neptuneutilties.com

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    Kathan Patel

    Thank you

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