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    Carl S

    Was confusing to activate. Instructions aren’t clear to me. It says to follow the onscreen instructions, but there really aren’t any. I clicked on the main screen where the Antivirus was indicating that it wasn’t working, and get message “Activate” I click on that button and it tells me “Generic Error.” I click on the link for more info that appears below that error message and it takes me to the panda site which has no information on a “Generic Error.” At first, I didn’t know either it doesn’t like my system or I’m doing something wrong. Then all of a sudden the red x on Protected went away. It said I had 5 days to activate. I clicked on the My Products button, a different Activate button appears there. I click on it, and it prompts me for an email address. I now have 180 days.

    I think it worked in the end, but it was not clear at all what to do, and the repeated “Generic Error” message was not helpful. I think Panda 2016 is not quite ready for prime time. I am still figuring out where to upgrade to 2017 using the update feature in the software. I haven’t found the update feature mentioned in the SharewareOnSale listing.

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    I installed Panda in my windows 10 x64 system. Some components of Panda were detected as malware by Zemana AntiLogger.
    Panda affected the behavior of memory sticks (pen drives). I am no longer able to use my U3 memory stick, I removed Panda, but the problem stands. At the uninstalling, Panda tried to run many .EXE with strange names (au_.exe; du_.exe; cu_.exe; etc.), all detected as malware by Zemana AntiLogger. I had to run the external uninstaller tool (provided by Panda) to remove it. I tried to speak with the support regarding the memory stick problem, but they refused saying I do not have a “customer number”.
    I cannot recommend this product.

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    Ira L. Jacobson

    I have followed the instructions to activate, but I cannot activate. I get an error message
    Generic error Help about this problem.
    But when I click the link for getting help, nothing happens.

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    After install / registration shoes 1 month trial only…

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    this panda internet security tril 180 day……you get my time
    i am sorry for you……lie….lie…..lie

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    This is not a Giveaway, Panda is asking for activation code… After installation, it gives only 180 days!!!

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    I like Panda because it does not slow the computer down.
    However after installing I got a 1-month Trial period and not 6.
    Has something changed perhaps since this offer was advertised?

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    Hi Gramor. :-)

    It seems this offer is still active.
    But: “If you have used Panda Internet Security in the past, then you might not be able to install an extended trial and thus won’t be able to get this freebie.”.

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    Very good antivirus!

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    Dimitrios Stoimenos

    You are saying that this Internet Security 2017. But the truth is that this is Internet Security 2016. Something went wrong.

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    this is valid for only 6 months?

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    Yes, you can use it for six months like if you bought it, technical support excluded.

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    180 days trial only. BS through and through.

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