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    Softwares, excelentes. Ajudam muitoooo.
    Muito Obrigado

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    Please make thses programs available for Linux especially Ubuntu and manjaro!

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    thanks for the good

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    Hanh Tan Vo

    Good. Thank you very much

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    John Black

    Thank you so much for re-publishing Riff Station! Mucho appreciated! Cheers!

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    Slim Lundeen

    This is a great product. When it first came out I had both the iPad and Desktop versions. iPad for YouTube and Desktop for you music library. Everything that the working musician needs to learn a song. Slow it down, loop the section your trying to learn, or even change the key if you can’t sing it in the key that it is in. Easy to use and useful to the Nth degree. Want to learn that riff that a musician plays, this is the ticket. Thanks Shareware for having this download. Slim

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    János Harczi

    Köszönöm a riffstationt.Fél éve megvolt ingyen,azóta töröltem,és most döbbentem rá,hogy nem ingyenes.Szerencsére Te sharewareonsale.com ingyen adtad.Nagyon köszönöm.

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    Thx alot… the only site i found was realy functional and real about this download..

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