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    Dear Users,

    Thank you for taking part in Secure Hunter Anti-Malware growth.

    We sincerely appreciate your taking time to provide us your comments and feedback.

    Will keep improve our product and technology.

    We hope you will enjoy our software.


    William H.

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    ERROR Program would not open.
    SecureHunter.exe – Entry Point Not Found
    The Procedure entry point GetTickCount64 could not be located in the dynamic library KERNEL32.DLL

    I’m on WIN XP which is supposedly OK for this program

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    Reviews of this software are overwhelmingly negative on other reputable websites where reviews are conducted. The review done by dennis nelson is a good one. Avoid this software as there are fas better alternatives

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    Ronald Wadhams

    Does not allow me to register

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    This page every day rolls down to the bottom.
    It offers programs (some crap) unusable.
    Combine registration procedures which do not work (they are faulty)
    and I do not work.
    It is still TRIAL VERSION
    Then what worth is the program?
    Too bad to clutter a system prubując such programs.
    It is still TRIAL VERSION
    Not registered Pro
    The window requires

    Licence Email
    Licence Key
    Status Please Enter A Valide Licence Email Address.

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    If I could put no stars I would. This is a friggen joke. Virus laden program with trojans of it’s own. Beware be very Aware….

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    good software for protection of computer

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    It is practical for solve the problem of computer

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    email and licence key not working, it is wasting of time.

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    chan woo

    I desperatly want to use this blinding vaccine.

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    very good program

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    maothung lin

    very nice

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    Again and again this Software is given as a Giveaway on different Giveaway Sites but sorry to say that I am not succeeded to register it. What is the reason behind that I don’t know? Can anyone solve this registration problem?

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    Thank you for your feedback.


    1. Check Firewall

    2. Uninstall and make sure you delete folder C:/Program Files/x86/Secure Hunter and Reinstall again.

    3. What windows platform you are using ? (We do not support XP version)

    4. Please double check there is no SPACES in the activation box.

    5. For all the “PRO’s” here we go your feedback will improve our product & technology.

    We offer the following support and encourage you to take full advantage of our support :

    Start with FAQ :

    Secure Hunter F.A.Q.

    Good day
    William H.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)
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