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    Thank you for your reply. I have downloaded, installed and started using “softmaker freeoffice”- SoftMaker 2018.

    But I am disappointed that it is not a free software, but a free version. The company is still selling its paid version.

    I simply tested TextMaker (MS Word) and found that its interface and operation method are too different from MS. Especially image processing and table processing I can’t adapt at all. I can’t even put a picture into a cell of the table, and can’t set the percentage of the table occupied. Due to the short time, maybe I have missed something.

    Later, I found out that Sanwhole also offers a free version. Before the software is activated, it is a free version with many functions. Moreover, their Agreement says “All Sanwhole software can be fully tested before purchase. You can download and install the free software for complete functional test. Free version of the software has all the functions, but in use will pop up countdown window. After the countdown, the corresponding function will be automatically effective.”

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    softmaker office is offered for free here now and then just keep an aye out.
    or you can get their free office suit just google softmaker free office
    it’s all you need I have it on my tablet my linux and windows machines as its small and all I need.

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    What makes it ‘A light Microsoft Word and Excel editor’ with 220MB?

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    Toller Flori

    Registering fails at the website, tested with Firefox and Microsoft Edge with different email-addresses…

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    I have tried the free version provided by SoftMaker from its freeoffice website. SoftMaker Control Panel shows: FreeOffice 2018 1.0.4910. Installer 110 MB. See my post to @ERIC above for experience.

    According to the information you provided, I downloaded SoftMaker which is being promoted for free on SOS now. Control Panel shows: SoftMaker FreeOffice 2018 1.0.4880. Installer 110 MB.

    I used this software and found that there is no difference except for the addition of advertisements on the right.

    The experience of using Soft Make is very different from that of Microsoft Office. Therefore I will not install it on my Linux system because OpenOffice and LibreOffice are much better. Even if the experience of using OpenOffice and Libro Office is very different from that of Microsoft Office, too.

    Therefore, after 2 trials and comparisons, I found that I prefer Vole Office.

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    @nick. What makes it ‘micro’soft with 163,000 employees?

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    @Toller Flori.

    Try to use general-purpose mailboxes such as Gmail, Hotmail, etc. Do not use fake emails such as 10 minutes email.

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    Norman Wong

    Hello Everyone!

    If you like offline browsing, we also provide an introduction to Vole Office offline browsing. Download this single .html file (7.9 MB) here: https://voletube.com/pageshare/Vole-Office.html, you can read it at any time through any browser, even without the Internet.


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    I got a problem to install the program. Could you please help?


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    Search sanwhole download center ipress in google. Then see Installation FAQ in the page.

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    Jos Haest

    I can’t register the software because to make a new account won’t work.

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    larry kruck

    sanwhole.com sent an invalid response. I can’t register on the site as site not working

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    john b

    I cannot get past register as I have an account already and cannot get by register. When I try to register I get response already have an account and reset password but cannot get to that point. Go to website and no way can I get to program to download unless I buy it. What a boondoggle!!

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    @john b

    I’m curious.

    Can you share a screen-shoot to show us what you said – “Go to website and no way can I get to program to download unless I buy it. What a boondoggle!!”?

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