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    Downloaded through the sharewareonsale installer then installed the program went to Activation->Activate Pasted the serial key and clicked “Activate” it was grey but when i click on it, it said “Activation Successful” then it asked u to restart the program and so i did, everything went fine

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    [@EliasAmr] I am new to here.Idownloaded the installer and installed The video editor. BUT I don’t know where is the serial key. Can you help me?

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    I’ve noticed that a new folder has been created under Users, and a new *.p7d file is written each time I open/close the program. What the heck is this?

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    great :) really tyvm :p love this vscd prog :)

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    Andrew Davis

    Hello.I would like you to do this again please.

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    Geoff Roberts

    Can’t export video’s with the free version.
    If you use hardware acceleration it blocks the export.

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    The digital revolution has influenced how people consume content. Now more than ever, people turn to video-sharing platforms when searching for new content. This trend definitely calls for some basic video editing skills lest you don’t want to join the bandwagon. However, many people find it challenging to jump into video editing because of the common but advanced video editing programs. That is why a program like VSDC Video Editor PRO comes into play. I tried it out and here is what I found.


    Easy to learn and use
    One of the striking things about VSDC Video Editor PRO is its professional feel and appearance. At the beginning, the look might intimidate you especially if you are new to video editing. However, a few clicks later and an overview of the features and options should give you a gist of how to use this editor.

    In addition, the program has a number of tutorials on some of its top features. You will find the links to the tutorials just after launching the program. Clicking on any of the listed features will open its link on your browser for viewing.

    During the editing phase, you will enjoy flexibility. The program’s linear editing approach is helpful in letting you rearrange and adjust the length and size of your files for a nice output.

    Lets you export in HD
    Exporting your edited video is among the important aspect of the entire process. Thankfully, the program is capable of exporting your videos in high definition for improved clarity for viewers.

    All-in-one editor
    VSDC Video Editor PRO is more than an editor. The program has a built-in video converter just in case you want to utilize that feature. That is not all. You can record your screen using this software as well. In case you are satisfied with your edited video, you can burn it right away onto a disc thanks to the available disc burner.


    Does not support M4A audio extension
    A good video editor should give you the flexibility you need. On many occasions, you might be creating a project entailing a slideshow and an audio playing in the background. I had such a project in mind and wanted to create it using this editor. Unfortunately, I could not add my M4A audio file onto the scene as the program did not support it. I had to use another software to convert the file into an MP3, hence spending unnecessary extra time.

    Limited video transition options
    If you like experimenting with tons of video transition effects, then this editor will not match your expectations. One has to contend with the seven video transition options that it presents. As such, you won’t have access to any 3D video transitions that would have made your final video extra interesting.

    If you have always wanted to start recording, making and editing videos, then the VSDC Video Editor PRO would be a nice pick to kick start your video projects. Its linear approach for editing your content makes it super easy to edit away even with minimal editing experience. It is a video editor worth trying out.

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    This is the most stable and feature-rich video editing software available out there! I’m on Windows 7 and I love it, because unlike others VSDC barely crashes.
    Seriously, after basic linear programs like MM, this is a huge step towards professional post-production. VSDC has everything from zooming and cropping to blending modes an color grading. It’s quite intuitive and allows for keeping the highest quality on the output and has no “surprises” like watermarks or other unexpected things you find at the end of the project. I strongly recommend it to anyone interested in video editing on a serious level. You’ll never regret.

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    There are a lot of video editing tools available for Windows, most of which are very expensive and too complex for regular users. Regular users always look for an application that can help them complete their tasks with as little trouble as possible.
    VSDC Video Editor PRO is an intuitive video editing application, that comes packed with a powerful collection of editing tools and features to help you create, edit and export videos. It also comes with tools that can help you capture videos using the webcam, and record the screen.


    The installer is very small(~37MB) compared to the bulky installers of other video editing applications. The installation process also completes in a few minutes, without any difficulties. Creating a new project is based on three steps, opening a new blank project, editing it, and exporting it.


    Simple & Clean Startup Interface
    The startup interface has a modern look, comes with a dull background on top of which colorful buttons and icons are arranged. There are five square buttons under the ‘Start Project Now’ group and eight round ones under ‘Get to Know Top Features’.
    The five buttons on top are, namely ‘Blank Project’, ‘Slideshow’, ‘Import Content’, ‘Video Capture’, and ‘Screen Capture’.
    Editing tools for basic to advanced level users
    This application offers a wide range of features and tools, that are suitable for users with basic to users with advanced level video editing skills.
    As far as basic tools are concerned, this tool comes with the most basic options like Select All, Cut, Copy, Paste, and Delete. Moreover, you can cut, split, rotate, and add text and images to the video files.
    Talking about the advanced options, you can adjust Gamma, Hue, Saturation, and Resolution of the video. You can also Flip, Skew, Resample, Zoom the imported video clips and your project video. Moreover, you can add special effects and transitions to your videos to make them look professional.
    More than just a video editor
    This application not only offers great tools for video editing, but comes with some other handy options to perform different tasks. Using this tool, you can create good looking slide shows with your images. Moreover, it comes with a screen recorder and a video capture tool too. The video capture tool helps you capture video using the webcam on your PC. The screen recorder is not as great and feature-rich as the other screen recorders, but it still works well.


    Editor interface is cluttered
    The UI is packed with many panes and a lot of small buttons and icons, even on a 1080p monitor it was unable to adjust correctly and still look cluttered. I had a hard time trying to find and use different tools. Moreover, the video preview is shown in a new window and not the same as editing window. My overall experience with the editor UI was not very pleasing to my eyes.


    VSDC Video Editor PRO is a lightweight and reliable video editing tool, that comes packed with a lot of tools and features to help you create professional looking projects easily. The editor UI needs a change, as it does not give you a good video editing experience. If you can deal with the UI and get used to it, this tool can help you create great content because all of it features perform well.

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    programa fantástico fácil de usar

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    I have the pleasure of testing a few free versions of the program for a few days and find it to be a lot easier than many other similar ones. It is more intuitive than the other, has tons of interesting solutions and tools for editing, editing, converting, importing and exporting files.

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    For amateurs & semi-professional users – 1st choice !

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    My first and very positive impression

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