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    Thanks Ashraf for the great giveaway.

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    VSDC team

    [@John Sykes] Try running the program as the administrator. If it doesn’t help, please, turn for help to support@videosoftdev.com

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    ramu kaviyoor

    Thanks for the mail and pw. I am vary of installing anything from Sharewareonsale because the last time I installed a software (don’t remember the name) it installed Avast antivirus too. Which I consider as Taliban among software. It is difficult to remove it completely even with Avastclear.exe. It leave behinds files in windows\winsxs and windows\winsxs\manifest directories. Probably now I have to go for a clean install of Windows 10. Can you confirm that there is no nuisanceware loaded with your software?

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    Thank you Flash-Integro & SharewareOnSale!!! This is a very generous giveaway promotion. It’s apparent after quickly trying it that there has been a lot of hard work put into developing this program.

    I wanted to ask if there is a way when selecting to make a Slideshow from the template to sync the duration of each picture and effect to match the start and end of an audio file? I think you can do this manually using the mouse, but I was wondering if there was a quick selection to do this kind of action? I write and record my own music and like to make slideshows of some of the pictures I take to go along with my songs to show to friends.

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    I worked with Pinnacle Studio and Adobe Premiere and the licensees are expired, so this soft is very easy for me, and I’m happy I cant keep the software for me.

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    HAKKOU Soufiane

    Thank you !

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    I’ve only just started with this but it is easy to use and I am grateful for the giveaway. Thank you.

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    This program don’t capture audio sound with screen capture… ;( -Windows 10 Core I7 Geforce-

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    Thank you for this impressive editor. I’m hoping to record audio (both from microphone and from the computer audio) while using the screencapture tool. I’m not sure how to set that up. Can you advise? Thank you!

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    It is a very good program! Thank you.

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    vsdc free video editor key ( BJRJ7D-YLSBLT-2FG8CX-J3YAPF ) is not working. getting error message ‘can’t transmit data. Please help

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