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    Sue Ragan

    Thanks for this excellent software!

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    This program downloaded and installed what looked like normal, but I when I burned a USB version and changed the bios to boot from USB nothing happens, Windows 10 just starts up normally. If I put a Windows 10 Recovery USB in the machine it works perfectly and boots into recovery mode but not this software ? Any suggestions ??


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    Allan F

    What a generous share. Thanks a lot for a program, which saved my a** a few times, when it was impossible to boot up.

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    [@Ray] I’m finding Ray’s comments apply to my experience thus far. I burned a disc (have not checked to see if it works) but there are no other tabs allowing other functions. No tabs at the top show up nor are there links along the left side…I was specifically hoping for “disk tools.”

    Phooey…I already put a link on FB endorsing the giveaway.

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    ted chow

    First bullet point in lost password and keys is :
    Find Lost Passwords & Keys
    •Recover lost Windows local administrator/user passwords in Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP.

    No Windows 10 support

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    it is best program.

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    Thanks Ashraf for this helpful app.
    Best regards

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    [@Ray] Same here like you and Beckie. Cannot get past boot disc instructions. No other tabs on window. Can’t boot up with disc. Uninstalled.

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    Rob Crombie

    Surely most people would prefer to use this from a bootable CD (or USB) ?
    If you install it and create the CD, is it tied to that PC ?
    EG say you have two PCs, and one has this program installed, and you have created a bootable CD.
    Will that CD be usable in the other PC if it won’t boot into Windows ?

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    Same as Ray & Beckie – Only thing it does is make a bootable CD ( if even that because I haven’t tried to use it yet) No tabs for any other options. sad

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    Hi guys,
    I’m a little disappointed:
    Where are the advertised “over 40 small utilities to boot your
    computer from CD/USB, fix all PC booting
    problems, as well as repair corrupt
    Windows system, recover data, repartition
    and clone hard disk, and do much more”???
    Is this an oversight or an intention?
    Only to create a bootable CD, I would have not used your offer.
    I have already!
    Nevertheless I thank good.

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    Burned a cd. USB drivers failed to load with cd. Boot Genius appeared to load, desktop came up but keyboard and mouse useless without drivers.
    Tried burning a thumb drive and ironically, loading from thumb drive gave a boot error. Long formatted the thumb drive – and same result. Too bad as the program looks interesting. I am running WIN7-x86

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    have tried downloading in win 7 and 10 and both report it is dangerous. NOT an antivirus warning. When I continue to download, at about 10% complete, it wants to start an installation which I did not expect and is completely different than other downloads I have made from sharewareonsale. What is going on?

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    The promotional talk about Boot Genius is misleading. The bootable cd/dvd that is burned is not UEFI compatible, so you can’t just simply put it into a Win 8/10 computer and boot off it. You have to make changes in your Bios to get your computer to boot from the cd/dvd. Other similar programs give UEFI compatible images to be burned, why not this?

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