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    Очень много наслышан о сервисе Windscribe VPN и рад, что наконец появилась возможность его протестировать !

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    it’s the first time I’m using this service and nobody knows how much I appreciate it!!
    I’m from Iran and these days with thick censorship wall,it’s the only fast and not furious way to connect to free world.
    I’ve used more than 6 vpn services and the only stable one is Windscribe.

    thank you.

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    هر کاری کردم نشد دانلود کنم تو مرحله ثبت نام مشکل بوجود میآید

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    Thank you. It upgraded existing account!

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    Mr. Ashraf
    Your times are happy

    I am an existing user

    I went through the link located to the site
    After you sign in and enter the coupon number mentioned in the instructions.
    The answer was:
    You have already claimed this coupon

    What is the meaning of this ?
    Is the current user not entitled to this gift?

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    Thanks to all for the participation in the discussion! I am sure that you will be glad to read and enjoy assignment proofreading service less bother more result when you are emotionally stressed!

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    “This is an unlimited-device 1-year 60GB-per-month license, for commercial or noncommercial use.”

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    Bill Smith

    Took advantage of a previous offer from Windscribe that provided 50Gb per month for Lifetime. As I recall, I ran it past several websites to see if real IP and real location was detected and it passed all tests without fail. I’ll stick with the 50Gb per month for Lifetime as an extra 10Gb is negligible to me.

    Have only had slight difficulty once when I needed to install an updated version of Windscribe, it came up with a code 2 error. I used the WindscribeInsallHelper.exe and it updated the driver. Then it was just a matter of inserting my login name and password and all worked fine again.

    That 50Gb offer may still be around somewhere if you care to search for it.

    Good Luck.

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    Henry Chow

    I tried claiming the voucher for 60GB/month but it says invalid. Please help!

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    Kelly Brown

    [@Ashraf] Ashraf, I bought the lifetime VPN Windsribe offer from Sharewareonsale back on Dec 30 and never received my activation voucher. I have spent all this time since bouncing emails from myself to your admin address and winscribe support trying to get someones attention on this since then, I can show the emails. Your admin folks have never once replied to my many attempts at contact and it was just today that I found you forums after downloading Power-User ( which is not registering btw). Can you please help me to obtain my voucher for Windscribe? I would be happey to provide my bank statement as proof of my purchase.

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