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    No problem downloading, installing and registering.

    Thanks Ashraf

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    First, I downloaded from WinExt homepage. The key was invalid. I uninstall, and install version from shareware and vuala – the key working and I could register. Thanks, but what`s a diffrence beetwen sharewareonsale and original from homepage WinExt ?

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    Dear users,


    You can use a new key:

    And we have asked SOS to update their page and forum.


    Thank you very much, this new key worked like a charm.
    Using Windows 7 Pro x64 SP1, French language, I tried the test program as u asked :

    Hebergeur d'image

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    New key works fine – thanks!

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    [reply user='Dimma' id='8470232']
    Do not look at the blue symbols. They are from the program “AmlMaple”.
    Operating system “WindowsXp Professional”.

    I decided to get the code again, and it was not in vain.
    New code is suitable.
    New code differed in one letter: instead of Z was the letter D.

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    New key works fine.Thanks to Ashraf and Trisun

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    TriSun Software Limited


    Thanks for your test.

    We know the reason and fixed it internally.


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    Bob Connex

    Downloaded and activated the key with no troubles, then ran the program and discovered more duplicate files than other programs revealed. Cleaned them out easily with the filters available with WinExt and freed-up a lot of space. Simple, effective utility that comes in handy with downloads and updates. Thanks.

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    Harlan Chizen


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    Rob Crombie

    Thanks for the Giveaway.
    Since the upgrade pops up during the install, I gave it a try. Don’t do that as it then won’t accept the SOS key.
    It was not a problem as I just installed it, and re-installed the SOS version.
    I noticed the latest is ver 4, whilst the giveaway is ver 2.1
    Does anyone know whether the improvements between 2.1 and 4, make the free version (4) a better option for us ?

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