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    Very basic
    Can select whole PC, have to select one folder/drive at a time (laborious process)
    Can’t unselect
    Not many options at all
    better freeware out there

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    Out of memory errors, upon errors – endless loop
    no disk space errors (WTF anywhere on my 24TB of storage?? – C: has 1 TB left . . . . )
    had to kill the program as messages kept looping – UNINSTALL

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    Thanks for this very useful software.

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    I don’t see any difference in the free download on their page and “Pro”. Only difference that it obvious is, Pro costs $15 then another $13 a year to keep it registered so you can get updates. So, what do we get that is Pro since we can not update?

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    Very fast program. Identified lots of duplicate numbers from within my thousands of image files. The problem is it does not actually so you the files, just the name or number. I know for a fact that many of the folder I have contain duplicate numbers yet they are different images. This is only somewhat helpful in that regard. I still have to manually explore every identified location to compare images. I don’t have time for that. I was hoping for a visual comparison to verify actual duplicates. Oh well it was free. It seems to work well for what it does. Just doesn’t meet my needs.

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    Wise Duplicate Finder Pro-заявленные функции выполняет безупречно, работает быстро. На дисках и в реестре следов оставляет немного. Локализация русская без замечаний. По раздаче тоже замечаний нет. Сделал для себя Portable получилось около 7 Мб, при запуске в реестр она не лезет совсем, а на диске во временной папке админа размещает всего 1Мб. В общем доволен.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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