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Pentesting, or penetration testing, refers to tests done in a practical environment to determine the reliability and security of systems in non-ordinary situations. Kali Linux is one of the leading distros in pentesting as it is an extremely portable, highly secure operating system that is explicitly designed for penetrating other operating systems. This is a perfect jumping off point for anyone interested in network security.

  • Access 22+ hours of HD videos & 120+ lectures 24/7
  • Understand the methods & attacks of black-hat hackers & learn how to test an environment’s true security
  • Learn the principles of Setoolkit, a common method of hacking that attacks human vulnerabilities
  • Discover Android Malware to learn the methods hackers use to attack the Android operating system
  • Use Metasploit to learn how to build Trojans & backdoors for Windows
  • Learn how to use Aircrack-ng to monitor networks
  • Enable John the Ripper to learn the principles of password cracking

Python is a high-level programming language that allows you to deliver code faster and integrate systems more effectively than most other languages. It’s also the most used language for creating system security programs, making it a valuable asset for pentesters and ethical hackers. This course will not only teach you the language, but will help you understand how it is used in securing networks.

  • Access 29+ hours of HD video & 157+ lectures 24/7
  • Understand how to interact with system files using IDLE or the Python Interpreter
  • Discover the principles of web programming, including CGI, screen scraping, mod_python & web services
  • Learn testing, debugging & logging in Python
  • Create your own servers & clients using socket programming
  • Use SQlite to understand database support for Python

Python is an easy and efficient scripting language that allows you to accomplish complicated tasks with minimal coding. Through this course, you will learn how to use Python to manage Linux systems and perform security tasks such as network scanning and open port scanning. If you’re a network engineer, system administrator or pentester, then this one’s for you.

  • Access 18+ hours of HD video & 98+ lectures 24/7
  • Learn Python from an object-oriented perspective
  • Elevate your Python skill set from basics to advanced
  • Discover GUIs (graphical user interfaces) & how to build them in Linux
  • Understand OS Soup & its applications

    From the Lisp Family, Scheme is a high level programming language that is extremely portable across various systems. In this course, you will use the Racket interpreter to explore various syntactic forms and how they map to existing syntactic forms. This course will give you a strong foundation for many other languages and explore how to probe networks without its native language.

    • Access 19+ hours of HD videos & 103+ lectures 24/7
    • Discover the basics of the Lisp language
    • Learn lexical scoping & how to apply it in other languages as well as Scheme
    • Understand the differences between Scheme, Lambda & Conditional expressions

    One of Python’s many applications is Django, a high-level web framework. In this course you’ll develop the basic and intermediate skills required to develop web applications and a content management system. Use this experience to build sleek and robust interface templates that may be used to simplify network security tests.

    • Access 10+ hours of HD video & 57+ lectures 24/7
    • Learn the basics of web development & its widespread applications
    • Work w/ an object-relational mapper & Admin interface to create simple apps
    • Build clean & pragmatic interfaces w/ quick design
    • Create your own superuser account to control your apps

    Haskell is a functional based coding language that is dependent on logic and structure. Due to its logical reasoning, it is most often used in banking sectors for calculating huge investment tasks, but is also a useful language for coding local network monitoring applications. The efficiency and structure of Haskell are important assets for a programmer to learn.

    • Access 9+ hours of HD video & 50+ lectures 24/7
    • Use the Cabal, a system infrastructure for configuring & building packages/libraries for Haskell
    • Cover basic theorems, algebra, sets & unions in Mathematics
    • Learn the GHCI compiler & notepad++, and use them to solve problems
    • Explore the Russell Paradox & its influence in Haskell coding
    • Understand & utilize unary functions & basic notions

    To save them, you must destroy them… Is essentially the mantra behind ethical hacking. Breaching a network for the purpose of finding Zero-day-vulnerabilities is an incredibly useful tool that many organizations readily employ to ensure their own security. This course will give you a tutorial to the methods and ethics used in security hacking, and prepare you for a lucrative professional career.

    • Access 18+ hours of HD video & 100+ lectures 24/7
    • Learn to become a successful penetration tester & capture the vulnerabilities on your own network
    • Become a Certified Hacker upon course completion
    • Understand the basics of networking, social engineering & hardware hacking
    • Create your own home lab & practice your skills at home

    Go Lang is an open source, high-level programming language developed by Google to be extremely flexible and work efficiently with concurrencies. Designed to simply solve problems, Go is often used in modern hardware architectures and is easy to run and adapt. Simple is typically better, and learning Go will help you move between many languages.

    • Access 12+ hours of HD video & 63+ lectures 24/7
    • Learn core program structures like names, declarations, variables, scope & .assignments
    • Study basic data types like floats, integers, Booleans, constants & strings
    • Differentiate & manipulate shared variables, threads & package declarations
    • Use go routines & channels, parallel looping & concurrencies
    • Understand arrays, slices & Structs
    • Learn to identify function declarations, Recursion, function values, errors & function calls

    Scala is an object-oriented language, running on the Java virtual machine, that allows a programmer to develop a small set of core constructs that can be combined in flexible ways across classes. Its functional nature makes it easier to write safe and multi-threaded code that is hugely useful for a programmer. Although it is a complicated language, a background in Scala will make most other languages easier to learn.

    • Access 11+ hours of HD video & 61+ lectures 24/7
    • Increase your skills w/Java simultaneously
    • Understand how to pattern match over arbitrary classes
    • Learn to implement Scala across all common JVMs
    • Discover Scala’s class hierarchy & how it relates to other languages

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