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Free MailWasherPRO (100% discount)

Terms and Conditions
  • This is a 3-user 1-year license, for home use and business
  • You get free updates for one year
  • You get free tech support
  • Can be installed or re-installed whenever you want (but key may not have a shelf-life), as long as you get your installer and registration key before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help
Technical Details
  • Developed by Firetrust
  • Version is v7.3
  • Download size is 14 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results:

Use email often but hate spam, scams, junk, etc.? Then MailWasherPRO might be what you need. MailWasherPRO fights back against unwanted email, such as spam, so you can get the most out of your email… without the hassle.

This sale has expired, sorry! See Active Sales list for more free and discounted Windows software.

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  1. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#28

    [@KP] [@marcW] Sorry folks, something happened to our newsletter — it was sent out a day late, after this sale ended. My apologies :-(

    [@Bernd Probst] Glad you like it!

  2. marcW

    Reply to this comment#27

    ??? Great program ???
    Am I missing something?

  3. Bernd Probst

    Reply to this comment#26

    Great Program

  4. marcW

    Reply to this comment#25

    This sale has expired, sorry! ????

  5. KP

    Reply to this comment#24

    Free Mailwasher PRO with 100% discount – GREAT -
    but according to the same page – This sale has expired, sorry – I opened it at 07.49
    it should have worked. Correction is welcome !

  6. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#23

    [@Daniel] You are welcome :-)

  7. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#22

    [@Philx] TipRadar — and a bunch of other similar blogs — actually is a product of our success over at dotTech. We don’t do freebies at dotTech anymore, but we used post about freebies frequently and many people looked at that as an easy way to make money from a blog without providing quality content. I don’t know if TipRadar was born after looking at dotTech’s success (we don’t claim to have invented the idea of giveaways) but we are definitely older than them.

    I don’t mind the competition, e.g. WindowsDeal. What annoys me is the blatant copying and then the accusations that I’m doing something wrong. I spent a lot of time and effort into putting together SoS, trying to further the “giveaway” concept into something different and more valuable than the pioneer GOTD. Then again, that is how business works; people look at success and try to copy — e.g. GlarySoft blatantly copying GOTD.

    However, as you point out, this isn’t the first attack on me and my websites and it surely won’t be the last. Comfort can be found in the fact that people who attacked me previously are gone and forgotten (e.g. For-free-on-internet), so I’m not too worried.

    Thank you for the kind words and support. I know how important the personal touch is and hope to continue it. I have big plans for SoS… let’s see what happens :-)

  8. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#21

    [@Philx] [@Ashraf] I would like to add techno360 to the list, they don’t credit anything as to where they get the giveaways from and they also given away software that they were forbidden to.

    Also I’m thankful for the fact that zoner’s software was featured here, because I don’t go to tipradar anymore.

  9. Philx

    Reply to this comment#20

    WindowsDeal was presumably created as a defensive against SoS. Nothing wrong with that except the copying of the SoS site format (presumably, the creators were in such a panic that they hadn’t time to originate anything of their own.) TipRadar has been going for a long time but holds no monopoly on anything and would be well advised to stop giving the impression that it thinks it does.

    SoS has one enormous strength which other giveaway sites don’t have: interactivity. The interaction is with the site’s founder, an individual who has freely contributed of his knowledge and expertise over many years to the benefit of countless computer users worldwide. It’s a pretty unique kind of interaction, too: often funny, sometimes sharp, always relevant. Nothing else out there except BDJ and Nico Westerdale comes close to this hands-on approach: not Glary, not GAOTD, not TipRadar. Not any.

    Developers couldn’t care less about daft “threats” of the kind issued by the adolescent who posted on here earlier. Developers are in business to make profits. If they don’t then they can’t stay in business. Simple as that; a doctorate in economics ain’t required.

    The freeware or shareware promotion continues to remain the best way of stimulating interest that sooner or later may be capable of transactional conversion — but it’s a model that depends entirely on the amount of publicity generated for that promotion. The visitor from Planet Unreal who posted earlier clearly believes that developers are going to complain mightily about SoS giving them free publicity, extending their audience reach and maximizing the opportunities for transactional conversion from free usage to paid usage. Well, uh, yeah. Quite right.

    This isn’t the first time that Ashraf’s work has got up the noses of others who ultimately vanished without trace. It probably won’t be the last. Meantime, I for one will stick with a guy who has throughout the years proved himself to be honest, open, accessible and knowledgable. I’ll stick with this site and Dot Tech because neither have ever sought to mislead or misdirect — not something that I could say of a rival which is currently “non-permitting” (eh?) SoS for, er, something-or-other. After all: if that’s an indication of its ability to communicate then no wonder that those who appreciate plain English, good deals and straight talking prefer to be here . . . a fact that won’t have escaped developers, either.

  10. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#19

    [@Philx] Thanks for the support.

    [@Daniel] Thanks for the support.

    WindowsDeal, TipRadar, AppFound, etc. — they are the websites I’m referring to, and they are all run by the same person. The first one is literally a copy of SoS, just with a different theme and minor changes — they even copied our newsletters service, LOL. (Note: I don’t claim being the founder of the “giveaway” idea but that website is a blatant copy. You know what they say, mimicry is the greatest form of flattery. =) What is even more funny, there were a few months where I paid to advertise on TipRadar. Their problem started with us after I decided to stop advertising; they decided to “ban” our website and maligned our name on their forums, despite the fact that their forum is filled with so called “giveaway theft”. Was us stopping ads with them the reason for the deteriorating in relationship? I’m not sure. Maybe, maybe not. You can draw your own conclusions.

    That said, I’d prefer we be the better adults and not behave like children as they are. So let them do whatever the hell we want, we have no need to retaliate. Our success will speak for itself.

    [@Gandalf] Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. However, I don’t think I will change where the links are. I think they are fine as is and everyone is OK with them — aside from the particular group of websites run by the same person.

    It isn’t folks that are obsessed with the matter. It is folks who wish they were as successful as we are and are competing with us in this field; they have an inherent bias to try to make us look bad, so as to make themselves look better.

    No worries, I won’t let them take me down. In fact, if anything, it spurs me to work harder to be even more successful. Success is the best answer to hatred and jealousy.

  11. Gandalf

    Reply to this comment#18

    @The Boss: I mean show the links really prominently, for example, right under the title. In big, bold fonts? Right now, the links appear under the Download Now button and may be easy to miss. Moreover, because the links are associated with the Download Now button, they do not show up in the listings for past giveaways. Of course, those of us who are regulars at your site know that everything here is totally legit. The problem is to convince the rest of the world, given that there are some parties who seem determined to spread malicious rumors about SOS. I think that developer giveaways should also link to the developer’s giveaway pages. To tell you the truth, I don’t understand this whole idea of “giveaway ownership” myself, but there are some folks who are obsessed with these matters. After all your hard work, it seems sensible to take every precaution to protect your website’s reputation, though these actions may seem silly and unnecessary. Good luck and keep up the good work. Don’t let these guys get you down. Sad but true – It’s almost impossible to run a website without trolls these days.

  12. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#17

    [@sos suck]

    Now go and stand in the corner and think about what you did ~ Taylor Swift

  13. Daniel

    Reply to this comment#16

    [@Ashraf] Would you care to name the site that sos suck named so that I and everyone else know to stay away from then and we can also go and call that site a troll?

    In better news, Thank-you for the hard work that you’ve done Ashraf :)

  14. Philx

    Reply to this comment#15

    [@sos suck] And the winner of *Award For The Funniest Post So Far This Year* is. . . You. Many, many thanks for the laugh. But please: get me banned from, er, something or somewhere as well while you’re at it, yes? Can’t have you going around, changing the world, and leaving me out of it. No fair. Sucks. Yah boo. Actually, yah boo BIG sucks!!! Gosh. I do so love it when adult discourse is at its mature best.

  15. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#14

    [@Gandalf] Thank you for the suggestion. You are right, we have had some criticism lately. However, you will laugh when you hear who it is the people claiming “giveaway theft”. It is from one particular website. If you go to that website, you will find how ironic their so called accusations are — the whole website is existence on the basis of stealing other people’s giveaways.

    I’ll take your advice into consideration — we already link to GOTD, GS, and DSG when we advertise their giveaways — but I won’t be linking to hypocritical websites who want to take advantage of our success.

    [@sos suck] Son, grow up. I’ve been in this business for a long time. I learned long ago, the two parties that matter the most — developers and users — typically don’t give a rats ass about who “owns” a giveaway. (And how do you own a giveaway anyway? It isn’t your product.) Users appreciate being told about giveaways and developers appreciate the fact that we advertise their products — for free — to tens of thousands of people. I’ve had many developers appreciate me for this fact; they don’t care that they organized the giveaway with another website, they are OK with us so called “leeching” and I don’t give a shit what wannabe websites feel.

    There are, of course, exceptions to this and if a developer has an issue, they contact us and we address their issue. That is how adults deal with disagreements.

    People “steal” our giveaways all the time, including the website you are defending. You don’t see me throwing a tantrum.

    Have fun in your endeavor.

  16. tejas

    Reply to this comment#13

    I used MW since it was in Beta, years ago. I continued to use after the Firetrust acquisition, up until the time they decide to no longer honor the lifetime license I had purchased.
    MW has never deleted email that it wasn’t instructed to delete, via blacklists, filters, or manually.

  17. m

    Reply to this comment#12

    I wrote to the developer when I used it in the past and he informed me this is way it was intended to work. Maybe it has changed since I used it last, but I wanted to keep using it and was informed what I wanted to do was not possible.

  18. fogeycd2

    Reply to this comment#11

    @m — it doesn’t delete *anything* from your mail server unless you have told it to! Check your settings.
    @Philx — server-side may be great for you but not for everyone; plenty still gets through to me & I imagine lots of others.
    I’ve found MW well worth the price for years.

  19. Gandalf

    Reply to this comment#10

    Hi, Ashraf. First of all, I want to say I am a big fan of your site and have followed your excellent reviews on GOTD for a while. Recently, there have been some negative posts about SOS in WOT and other third party sites about “giveaway theft”. Perhaps the best way to counter these criticisms is by always clearly and prominently linking to the original giveaway pages. I believe this should not affect SOS traffic in any way as SOS is by far the most complete portal featuring all the giveaways currently offered on the internet and by various magazines. It is a great convenience to have one site to check instead of many. Again, I really like your site and I’d hate to see its reputation damaged by what some regard as improper attribution. Thanks for all that you do.

  20. sos suck

    Reply to this comment#9

    that doesn’t give you the rights to steal/leech other giveaway without permission. for your information, your site is not much different stealing other giveaway. so you are telling other suck cause they stole your “dress”? what about you stealing other/their giveaway? pathetic people.

    i’m working my way to get your site blacklisted in malwaretip and other giveaway site soon,
    good bye StupidOrgeSite to oblivion. your downfall is my achievement just wait and see.

  21. Amy

    Reply to this comment#8

    @Philx… yeah, I know its bounce back feature too well. Years ago I invoked this on a monthly basis to bounce all my spam. The first time I tried it, I sent nearly 1500 bounce messages. Within a few days I noticed I could no longer send email through my ISP, although I could still receive. A couple of sessions with third-tier support revealed my account had been send-disabled for spamming. Goodbye Mailwasher.

  22. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#7

    [@RickinPA] BTW, the price of a one year license 3-user of MailWasherPRO is $39.95. The prices listed on SoS are as accurate as I can find, to the best of our ability. This does not mean we are always 100% accurate (because sometimes it is hard to tell what the *real* price of a product is due to the “sales” that developers run) but we don’t show fake bloated prices like other websites just to try to make you feel like you are getting a better deal.

  23. Ashraf

    (Mr. Boss) – Reply to this comment#6

    [@Philx] Thanks for the feedback!

    [@Gde] Welcome!

    [@sos suck] The irony of your comment is, that website has quite literally copied SoS from head to toe — just with a different dress. Congratulations, your comment gets to be in the hall of fame of one of the few comments I’ve ever deleted — that website is not welcome in our comments.

    [@m] Thanks for the feedback!

    [@RickinPA] Thanks for the feedback!

    [@dewey] I’m sorry, I f’ed up the T&C. This isn’t a lifetime license, it is a one year license. Fixed now.

  24. RickinPA

    Reply to this comment#5

    Here we go!! I had used this program practically from it’s inception. It DOES work as advertised! However, for years it was always free. Then several years ago, they decided to charge a fee due to costs etc. For those of us whowere already using it, we got a special one-time, lifetime, fee for the license! Lo and behold, a couple of years later and we are told that license is not any good anymore and must now pay a higher fee for a new lifetime license! Not quite sure what the word “lifetime” means to Firetrust, but it meant me and many other users saying adios. Mozilla Thunderbird has pretty much a great spam filter and I don’t have to pay for something I already paid twice for for a lifetime. Free updates for a year? I don’t believe the program was updated for more than 4 or 5 times in the 10+ years I used it. I notice its $39.95 here and as high as $55.00 elsewhere. Whaddup wit Dat?

  25. m

    Reply to this comment#4

    The main issue I have with this software is it sorts through all your mail, and then promptly deletes the mail from your provider. I personally use a paid email service and want my mail left intact (unless I delete it). After using this some time ago and losing my mails (lots of registration keys emails) I uninstalled and never looked back.

    If this would leave mail in place I would gladly use it, but I am not sure if this is still the case.

  26. dewey

    Reply to this comment#3

    terms and conditions state “this is a 3-user lifetime license, for home use and business. You get free updates for one year. ” plus much more. Registeration page says one year. activation page says 90 days. So, what is the term of this software

  27. Gde

    Reply to this comment#2

    Most e-mail clients have some basic SPAM filter built-in, but adding another layer that updates regularly can make a big difference.
    As far a SPAM filters go, this one is very good and is one of the easier ones to setup and use. Plus, MailWasher will allow you to view and block messages before they download to your computer. Pretty clever.
    The downside is the annual subscription model, but these guys are fighting a constant moving target, just like the A/V companies do. So it is the only real business model that works if you want up to date protection.
    Thanks Firetrust and SoS!

  28. Philx

    Reply to this comment#1

    It would be interesting to know the kind of take-up there’ll be on this offer from a formerly famous software name. Nowadays, when server side intervention is so good at stopping spam and anything else the user doesn’t want landing on her / his desktop, justification for paying out even a penny for a program such as this is hard to find. Server-side intervention has always been preferable to desktop spam / junk mail management: you want to stop the crap even arriving. The original Mailwasher couldn’t do that and was anyway hobbled by the ridiculous notion that a good way of dealing with a spammer was to bounce the spam straight back. That idiocy cost Mailwasher dear, but it’s evidently been dropped from more recent versions and now the program can “eliminate spam befopre it reaches your PC”. But of course: you can, too. For nowt.

Important Info

Terms and Conditions

  • This is a 3-user 1-year license, for home use and business
  • You get free updates for one year
  • You get free tech support
  • Can be installed or re-installed whenever you want (but key may not have a shelf-life), as long as you get your installer and registration key before this offer has ended
  • May not be resold
  • No refunds and exchanges; if you are having trouble activating or registering, please ask for help

Technical Details

  • Developed by Firetrust
  • Version is v7.3
  • Download size is 14 MB
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, and 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • VirusTotal scan results: