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Don´t know whether to laugh or to cry…
Took me just about 10 seconds to realize how it works:
1. It renamed the “Hidden” folder to another name.
2. It set the attributes of this folder to h (hidden) and s (system).
3. It moved this folder to the drive´s root.
4. It renamed all files inside this folder to “nnnn.db” (nnnn for numbers – beginning with “1”)…

Examining (viewing) the files would instantly show their type (archive, text, exe/dll, etc.) – and from this you could choose how to open/investigate them.

So again: (as all of?!…) such software is ridiculous (- at least for any halfway experienced computer user!)

    Better than average is:

– Those folders are and stay in the same state (“Hidden”, name scrambled, …) in and for any other OS or Windows instance.
– You must have at least the idea that there IS such folders/files.

    Worse than average of those tools:

– You have direct access to all files, as soon as you find out about the existence of such files/folders.
– There is not even any need to reboot into save mode (… or Windows PE or Linux …) to view all files!